Axed: The Outdoor Room

Another Seven show has bitten the bullet, this time Jamie Durie’s The Outdoor Room.

Durie’s show saw him travel the globe and makeover Aussie gardens with international themes. At a reported $450,000 per half-hour episode that’s a steep bill in harsh economic times. Earlier this week travel show The Great Outdoors also was revealed to be in doubt.

Durie re-signed a new two-year deal with CEO David Leckie on Christmas Eve, on an annual salary of $1.5 million.

Seven will move Sunday Night into the 6:30pm Sunday timeslot.

Last year Durie hit out at Nine’s makeover show Domestic Blitz saying “you don’t have to be sick to be on our show.”

Given Seven hasn’t issued a clear list of its 2009 shows there could be more titles about to fall under the axe.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. Actually, I didn’t mind Battlefronts. I think it probably failed because of the fact that none of the presenters (apart from the one from Garden Gurus), were actually any talented.

    The Outdoor Room was a good concept, but hopelessly brought together. The designs of some of the gardens were repulsive, and as for the good ones, all you have to do is google the country and you can easily replicate the garden – you don’t need to travel overseas to get inspiration. There’s a new invention – it’s called the internet.

  2. Durie wouldn’t care less anyway and is probably relieved, as he’s been building up a US career after appearing on Oprah a couple times and should be able to get a US cable show off the ground.

  3. no wonder it was expensive. He’d decide to due a Thailand themed garden to he had to go there. Then come back and do it. Sounds like an excuse to go overseas and have 7 foot the bills.

  4. Shame, I liked the concept of this show but it really needed a full hour. I thought it was exciting looking at the different countries etc. Oh well at least it was sooooooooooo much better then train smash Battlefronts I can not understand how that was ever produced.

  5. I actually liked the show, because it introduced some new elements and ideas. I agree with shelly above that it was probably too short and also too expensive. Backyard Blitz doesn’t work form and its old format. How many gardening shows do we need?

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