Denyer’s comeback road

During the three-hour broadcast of Seven’s Carols In The Domain, Grant Denyer was forced to lie on a trestle table in between camera appearances to manage the pain.

It followed his disastrous monster truck accident in September which he says very nearly ended his career.

“I felt as though I’d lost everything I achieved. I felt like I’d lost my position in the TV marketplace and it was emasculating as well. I couldn’t wine and dine my partner and do all those gentlemanly things that you like to do,” he told the Sun Herald.

He is “pumping” to get back on television this year but says: “I’m not going to drive a monster truck again but I’m not going to give up motor racing by any stretch of the imagination.”

Denyer returned to screens for Seven’s Christmas event, co-hosting alongside Kate Ritchie.

“My dad used to say that if I ever hosted Carols I would have made it in television . . . so it was the perfect thing to come back for,” he said.

Source: Sun Herald


  1. Wow that is one courageous person. I knew he was still on the mend but i didnt know it was that bad. I hope he gets better soon. As for AGT they probably have a plan in case he needs time off but knowing grant he will probably go on, just not on his feet as much. Seven will probably accomodate him well. I just hope him a good recovery.

  2. i wasn’t aware of the tressel table thing. he has so much courage to host a show infront of so many people in that condition.

    i hope he is ok through AGT.

  3. wow i didn’t know it was still that serious, it was very brave of him to host carols.

    will there be a backup host for australias got talent if he doesn’t improve. filming starts next monday. i’m going to it next wednesday and thursday. i hope i see him.

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