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Nine will now screen Series 14 of ER directly following Series 13.

It begins at 10.30pm on Wednesday, January 28.

The final episode of Series 13 will air at 9.30pm and run straight into the start of Series 14 at 10.30pm.

Australian actor David Lyons (Sea Patrol) makes his debut as Dr. Simon Brenner in episode 14 (“Owner of a Broken Heart”) and continues into Series 15.

S14E1 “The War Comes Home.”
As the 14th season begins, new ER chief Dr. Moretti has his hands full with a staff that does not appreciate his objective management philosophy, especially when Neela arrives among those injured at an antiwar rally and Moretti forces her colleagues to concentrate on their other patients, despite their impulse to rally around her. Frustrated, Gates manhandles a patient he suspects set off the explosion that disrupted the protest.


  1. Just watched what I now know was the first episode of series 14 thanks to this site. I followed the programme which seemed to then be showing repeats. Please tell me I haven’t missed any episodes which were advertised as “repeats”.
    I agree with the dismay of everyone else, why do they keep doing this and without any announcement? Couldn’t they at least show their viewers some courtesy and keep us informed? I also have followed it for years.

  2. What the flipping heck has happened to the best tv programme for years? Yet again Ch 9 bump it off into oblivion after teasing us with double episodes!!! What is the story!!!!??? When is it back?? Have been watching this show since Day 1!!!

  3. I’m sooooo frustrated with Nine. Why is ER only a non-ratings show? I’ll never understand it. Everytime they cut us off it’s in the middle of a great storyline! Argh!!

  4. Speaking of Channel 9’s track record, looks like Cold Case is a repeat next week (and the week after), I presume because of the tennis. I love this show so am up to the current ep airing in the US but I know plenty of people who were very happy to see the new season return so early in the year. Oh well, pity it’s not going to last….

  5. man i am up to season 15 episode 11 or 12 (the latest one). when i read this i laughed as nine sure have treated it bad. i mean leave it on at 11pm or something but to be years behind is a joke.

  6. Yay! As ali said, it really is about time Nine treated ER with respect. For the past few seasons Nine always started off airing it in the ratings season before pulling it without warning a few weeks in and not bringing it back until summer, usually late at night. They did this with season 11 and season 12, and I think with 10 also. It’s great to see they’re going straight into season 14, but sadly I think they’re only doing that because season 15 is ER’s last. Hopefully we’ll get to see most of season 14 at a decent time…

  7. This is one show I’m glad I’ve stuck with. I’m well into watching their 15th and final season and it’s just as good as their previous seasons.
    Pleased to see 9 are continuing with the 14th season but hope they keep it on for the fans out there..

  8. Nine killed E.R. – It suffered when Lost was against it but I honestly think NINE were too hasty to remove it from the sched. It used to be one of my favourites shows, but with the decline in quality and the consistent scheduling by NINE I just gave up – had it kept a consistent timeslot I may hev continued to watch it, these days I just can’t be bothered.

  9. Echoes”redbullboy” comments. Sick of musical chairs or programme shuffle (does nine programmers throw darts at wall to decide schedule ?
    I might watch if I knew it was going to be on consistently for 10 weeks in a row – not the usual Nine flip flop.
    P.S. waits till week 3 for “brand new timeslot”

  10. Still one of my favourite shows, but regarding some of the comments made above about Nine not giving it a chance, as I recall Nine kept it in its old 8.30pm on a (Thursday?) timeslot for many years but ratings plummeted. I’m just happy Nine are at least still showing it!

  11. In the US, ER has aired on NBC in the 10pm to 11pm Thursday night timeslot for its entire 15-season run.

    They way Nine has treated this excellent series has been absolutely criminal.

  12. That doesn’t change the fact that Nine are something like 26 episodes behind on this show. They really need to get their act together and give the fans some closure, this 8 episodes a year thing they’ve been doing is just annoying.

  13. I really hope 9 doesn’t do another musical chairs with ER – I still have no idea why they took it out of their prime time schedule, given that it was one of their most consistent shows. The 13th season of ER is just as good as the early seasons and the show has been incredibly consistent in it’s storylines, production etc.

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