Dina and Gian Rock It! to New York

Young performer-creators Dina McPherson and Gian Christian, who developed Network TEN kids’ series Rock It! are going from strength to strength.

Both will soon depart for New York to talk deals over a number new television productions they have developed at their production company, Galaxy Pop.

They will be meeting with American broadcasters interested in their new ‘tween sitcom’ Absolutely Alberta.

“It seems crazy to be in America, the home of the sitcom, actually pitching a sitcom to big name broadcasters but they clearly think it’s a worthy idea,” said McPherson, “and to have an Australian created tween sitcom on air in the States would be just amazing”.

Partners in life and business, Christian and McPherson recently signed a distribution deal for Rock It! at MIPCOM in Cannes with German giant ZDF, as well as forming international co-production partners for their new animated series The Sunshine Friends.

The Sunshine Friends follows the adventure of five friends from around the globe who join ‘Grandma Sunshine’ in her enchanted treehouse, where they are magically transported back in time to visit her past memories from her days as an intrepid world explorer.

It took McPherson and Christian 5 years to get Rock It! from concept to screen, but after pitching The Sunshine Friends at MIPCOM in October 2007 it now has a co-production deal with Canada’s Amberwood Entertainment.

The Sunshine Friends is a warm-hearted series with a good dose of quirky humor,” said McPherson.

Australian Idol’s John Foreman directs a 30 piece orchestra on the soundtrack.

Christian told TV Tonight,“This co-production is a first for us and reflects our commitment to building strong partnership and expanding our creative content into the international market”.

The Sunshine Friends is also close to a deal with an Australian broadcaster.

“We’re thrilled to have signed our first international co-production and are particularly excited about the impact and the opportunities this partnership offers”.


  1. Yeah Australia is great at having fantastic children’s tv hosts.

    Just look at what [Hot] Source has done for some. Hot Source launched David Whitehill, Miranda Deakin and Asha Kuerten – three of the best hosts Australia has. Some of the new kids’ presenters aren’t so good, like the hosts of toasted TV.

    Good on these two. Wish them the best!

  2. Michael Norman

    You 2 Rock! Always knew you’d make it OS, and I don’t mean Tassie! One day we’ll be doing it together and hopefully in the great US of A! Well done.

  3. I saw these guys live once. Their actually really good. My kids loved it. And I suppose like all good Australian kids stuff, they should do well overseas. Good luck to them. Andy

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