Episodes at Flashpoint

Flashpoint begins in two weeks' time in Australia, but Nine plans to screen episodes out of sequence.

Nine’s Flashpoint kicks off with a “sneak peek” on Sunday January 18.

The Canadian-produced police drama has attracted good reviews and was broadcast simultaneously by CBS in July 2008 -a rare honour.

The SWAT-like action drama also began on TVNZ in December.

But Australian viewers will be getting the episodes out of sequence.

Nine plans to launch the series with episode 5, “Who’s George”, screened in full on January 18, followed by ep #4 “Asking for Flowers” on Monday January 19.

The actual pilot episode titled “Scorpio” was based on an actual event that occurred in Toronto in 2004 in which a gun-wielding hostage taker was shot and killed by an Emergency Task Force sniper.

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  1. Does anyone remember Earth II when it showed on 10?

    That should have been a case study in what happens when you show stuff out of order… then again, how long have 10 been doing it with The Simpsons?

    Perhaps the FTA networks think that because economic times are tough, they have a bigger captive audience who have nowhere else to go.

  2. WTF are they thinking yet again 9 gets a good looking show and f***s with it and this hasn’t even started yet

    I should have known something was up when they kept saying “Sneak Peak” I was gonna wait and see it on tv but Congrats 9 I say F**k that I’m DLin it cause I wanna see the pilot.

    I mean it’s like 9 wants to lose any existing viewers and potental new veiwers they are crazy I wish someone would have given 9 a brain and a clue fro Christmas.

  3. Well, so much for premiering on January 12.

    Much like the others above, I was going to give this one a go until I heard this news. There is nothing worse than watching a serial drama out of order. I just will not stand for it.

    The year is six days old and it has already begun.

  4. i was going to watch this as i though it looked good but now im not so sure, i can see no logical reason to show i series out of order, it’s important to show a series in order as that’s how it was meant to be , so u can see the character develop through out the series, plus the first episode introduces the characters to audience it seems they just want to annoy the viewers

  5. Just for lee123’s lol at me and his astute comment.
    Try this for observation – guess where the folks you mentioned have not posted in past 2 days ?
    Yes, the threads announcing changes to Nine’s prgramming (Flashpoint,Gossip Girl , NRL footy show) and in the TVtonight 2nd birthday thread.
    That’s right not one of those 4 souls found occassion to post in any of these topics.
    Surprise,surprise though a pro Nine spokesman came out and posted “bagging Seven” in the Superstars of Dance for Nine thread (nicesidetrack there Knoxoverstreet)
    If anyone from Nine is reading this, please tell us why oh why, are you shwoing eps out of order.Why start with ep 5 then 4..?
    What will next ep will shown or do we just guess.
    I want to give Nine achance in 09 but so far Nine’s execs and programmers have done nothing to get me hooked.

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