Even more Mad Men

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has ensured more seasons of his acclaimed show with with producer Lionsgate TV after months of negotiations.

Weiner closed a two-year, seven-figure deal which includes his services as executive producer/showrunner as well as development of new series projects for Lionsgate TV and a potential feature for Lionsgate.

The premise of the feature has not been determined but it will not be a Mad Men movie.

Weiner’s original deal for Mad Men covered only the first two seasons, and in September he began meeting with studios for potential overall deal.

This deal opens the likelihood of a fourth season of the series, which won a Golden Globe last week for Best Drama.

“Since the beginning, the show has been a charmed experience, made possible by my partnership with AMC and Lionsgate,” Weiner said in a statement. “I am proud to work so closely with these two companies who love taking risks and value creativity and I am thrilled to get back to work with the most talented cast and crew in the business.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. I have watched the first 5 eps of season one, and really didnt find it that interesting. I did appreciate the effort that went to the creation of the show from the sets, props, costumes etc, but really found it a little boring. I guess I should watch more to see if it gets better.

  2. A slow like this would only work on the FTA networks coming in after it’s gotten buzz, awards and been around for a bit. Which seems like what is happening. There is no way it would have lasted on FTA. It’s far too stylised and mature to be mainstream.

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