Factual heroes for Seven

Seven’s newest factual show Triple Zero Heroes is yet to unveil its host / narrator, so its Executive Producer John Rudd is left to spruik the show, saying, “Not even a lifetime in the news business prepared me for Triple Zero Heroes.

“These stories are just so powerful. So human. And so humbling. Children helping deliver babies. Passers-by keeping accident victims alive. Parents reviving children. Grown men and women saving their elderly parents. Workmates saving each other. And brave individuals saved by the strength and calmness of Triple Zero Heroes.”

That would be the emergency workers, presumably, not the show itself…

Produced by FremantleMedia, the show which launches in February will combine true-to-life re-enactments, plus rescues and interviews with the people involved on both sides of the stories.

FremantleMedia’s Director of Factual, Paul Franklin, adds, “The subject matter of Triple Zero Heroes combined with the fantastic access our production team has had to the people on the calls and the rescue services involved, means that our stories will resonate deeply with our audience. We are very proud of how we have evolved the subject matter into a television program that has such heart.”

So far Seven has had a very good strike rate with its factual shows, which are now the mainstay of its 7:30pm hour.

Each program ends with a reunion between those grateful to be alive and those who kept them alive.

A host is expected to be announced soon.

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  1. 2009 will be such a turnaround for the factual world. ch9, who is yet to have a smash hit factual will become the new king of factuals (quantity wise) with 9 new ones; everyday heroes, the zoo:NZ, seven deadly sins, stay of execution, desperate measures, second chance, local heroes, 24 hours and missing pieces. on top of returning fire 000, RPA, whats good for you, animal emergency, borderline, search & rescue, missing persons unit, amazing medical stories, the gift, and crime investigation australia. as well as unaired shows from the 2008 lineup; extraordinary animals, heroes and villains, hunted, the Irwin family’s australia zoo

    as far as i know ch7 only has 1 new factual, triple zero heroes. but they have enough returning factuals that have been a huge sucess.

    TZH looks quite interesting i will check it out

  2. “Children helping deliver babies”

    There are camera crews filming this? Who would want a film crew standing over you delivering a baby (double baby bonus – baby first, payment later)? There are people wanting to watch this?

  3. i think this will rate the pants off the competition and will hopefully give a good lead in to desperate housewives (7’s timetable is closing up monday 8:00 after border security is just about the only one left).

    i wonder how long it will take ch9 to rip it off, make one minor tweak and call it original.

    my tip for host would be rebecca gibney or mike munro. but rebecca has such potential and 7 should hold their ammo with her for something huge. also maybe a newsreader like jennifer keyte, sharyn guidella (spelling) or sara groen. i’d also like to see jessica marais (rafters) get a gig.

  4. I can’t handle this, it makes me cringe too even hear these stories, they are private and distressing no matter how heartwarming the outcome. Channel 7 has very little to offer me I’m a 21 year old male and I can’t think of one show that appeals to me, except family guy which they treat poorly. The only 7 personality I like is Chris Bath or Sam Armytage the rest aren’t as likeable as channel 10 presenters and news readers.

  5. i just had another thought, maybe charli delaney, she had her DWTS contract extended and has been used in specials like the world dancing chapionships and the spring racing carnival but has not actually had an anchor show.

    she definately has the warmth for it, and is very likeable, but may lack the seriousness

  6. The only factual show I really like is Crime Investigation Australia. Does anyone know if Channel Nine are planning on bringing this show back in 2009?

  7. i cant wait for this show. the ads look like its gonna be a hit. as for the hot, does it really matter who it is? its not like we have to look at them?

  8. rebecca gibney would have to be frontrunner, if not for this for another big show. from memory she has already hosted a murder factual in the past. yes mike munro would be another contender, or maybe natalie barr since she missed out on sunday night. or they might pull someone “from left field”. what was that australian of the year that dialled 000?

    i have no doubt this will be a rater for seven its just a question of how big? its a nice simple but effective premise. with qualities that tick all the boxes for the current tv climate.

  9. can’t wait, i love factuals and this one looks like the most promising new one in a while. i’m sure if find my family can pull 1.8, this one should atleast be able to match that purely out of interest.

    some good suggestions for host up there, but sam armytage will probably be too busy, jessica rowe isn’t liked by some (i love her), the only reason i can think of not to get gibney is that 7 might have big plans for her but this would be a start she would be great. also 7 might be looking to splash mike munro over anything possible to shoe that he is theirs, and he did an good job with that factual on 9.

    would there be a chance that there would be no host. medical emergency and the 1st season of surf patrol never really featured the host.

  10. Its interesting how these shows rate so well. No doubt this will be a hit. Must be the real life situations, something people talk about the next day. Good conversational topics

  11. i usually don’t even consider factuals but this one i might look at. i’m guessing it will light the ratings on fire. i don’t really get it but people love these shows. call me out there but i am predicting an average of 1.7-1.8mil for this.

    seriously for anti-factual-me to even consider watching a factual must mean that factual watchers must be wetting their pants.

    maybe rebecca gibney for host, everyone likes her, she is a big name at the moment and seems appropriate. maybe their planning an allsaints star to work it in with AllSaints:MRU

  12. sometimes the factual hosts are from their other shows like john howard, jolene anderson and mel doyle. and sometimes it’s a complete throw from left field like jack thompson, anthony field, and grant bowler.

    so much to chose from. i’m assuming it has to be someone warm, i’d say jessica rowe, samantha armytage, luke jacobz, or rebecca gibney.

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