February 8th for Sunday Night?

Seven's new current affairs show isn't due on February 1st, so will probably come on the first official day of ratings.

Seven’s new current affairs show Sunday Night won’t be launching on February 1st -the night of the Australian Open’s Men Final.

Instead Seven has Outback Wildlife Rescue screening at 6:30pm and the Open from 7pm with a half hour “intro” hosted by Johanna Griggs and Jim Courier. The match telecast kicks off at 7:30pm AEDT.

That means a more likely premiere date is February 8th, the first day of the 2009 ratings season.

The new Mike Munro and Chris Bath-hosted show would likely have one week before 60 Minutes returns, expected to be February 15th, due to cricketing obligations.

Had Seven slated Sunday Night for February 1st it would have hit trouble in some states with timezone conflicts because of the tennis.

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  1. correct me if i am wrong but i think there is cricket on the 15th as well, last year 60 mins didn’t return till pretty late. i still haven’t decided if this will be part of my life but i will tune in to the beginning to see how it works.

    knowing 7 they probably would have delayed the mens final to squeeze this in in other states. and that negative publicity have overpowered the positive publicity of the return of good journalism to commercial TV.
    so i guess Feb 8th is necessary, but no later than that. every week head start is good.

  2. i think the 8th sounds bout right. it looks to me as if all the networks are going into the new ratings year at full speed. last year, seven didnt start most of its shows till after easter in march or something? which lead to the less then spectacular start that everyone was betting on. So i rekon they’re gonna wanna get the ball rolling asap this year…

  3. This isnt what i have read in other media sources. I read a couple of weeks back in the sunday telegraph that sevens boss is worried about the cricket and it may not premiere until as late as the first week of march. Plus in all the sunday night ads they have never said february they just said a change is coming. In saying this it would be logical to get the week jump over its rival but its a wait and see i guess just like everything else in sevens and nines schedule release. I just wish they would just release them. There should be a rule in place that makes them release the schedules at the same time 1 month out because its only really 2 weeks before everything comes back into full swing and still nothing much is known

  4. Jerome- It has already been announced.. Ian Ross is now doing Sunday- Wednesday and Chris Bath will do Thursday- Saturday on the News. Which is really stupid. They should have just went with Natalie Barr all along.

  5. i was wondering how this would work. it would have been messy if it started on Feb1.

    i guess now it will be a clean premier, and it will still get a headstart on 60 mins. but why OWR? surley they could have come up with something better. sneak peak at Australias got talent maybe?

    now for the next issue. how is chris bath going to make it from martin place to epping in a few seconds?

  6. Frankly, Sixty-Minutes is just ACA-plus [plus more BS]. I hope Seven don’t try and compete on the same unnewsworthy stories that 60 do. I want to see some seriously good, Hinch-style, investigative journalism, something which at this point transcends all Commercial networks.

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