Flashpoint flashes forward

Action drama Flashpoint just got moved to this Sunday night on Nine.

UPDATE: Episode two “First in Line.”

North American action drama Flashpoint to screen on Channel Nine has had its “sneak peek” moved forward to this Sunday night.

It will now air at 10:30pm. On QTQ it will air at 9:30pm.

Nine had previously intended to launch with episode 5 on Sunday January 18.

Also this Sunday, Nine will move Secret Millionaire into the 6:30pm timeslot, elbowing 20 to 1 out. Nine is planning a local version of the show for 2009.

Nine will also air a ten minute network promo Nine’s Sneak Peek 2009 10:30pm Tuesday Jan 13 and 10pm Fri Jan 16 (TCN / GTV) and 9pm Fri Jan 16 (QTQ).

Secret Millionaire:
Self made man Paul Williams started in business 25 years ago. He’s now worth 60 million pounds and lives on the richest private estate in England. He wants to make a difference in people’s lives and give away some of his fortune, but he’s not alone. His 20 year old son Ben is with him.

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  1. Okay just watched what was original meant to be the 13th ep (the final for the first season) and it has direct links to the pilot, now waiting for ch9 to screw up another show!

    David has ch9 said why they are showing Flashpoint out of order?

  2. Bit hard to get enthused about sneak peak,when you don’t know exact starting time.
    I flipped over around 11, think I saw from start , watched 20 mins, found it tediusand very slow moving – got really bored, turned over to Holby Blue and Benny Hill – yes, I was that disappointed with Flashpoint.
    Sneak peaks, like some have said, do make you wonder , big hit or big miss.
    then to show eps out of order – yuck.
    Doubt if I will be back.

  3. Yes I just got TV Week and s01e05 “Who`s George?” is Sunday followed by s01e04 “Asking For Flowers” on Monday, they are going backwards. will ep 3 be the following Sunday then maybe the pilot on Monday?

  4. Don’t hold your breath, Craig…

    Flashpoint returns at the much-better timeslot of 8.30pm next Sunday (18 Jan), but they’re playing s1e5 “Who’s George”, according to yourTV. It’s also billed there as another “sneak peek”.

    David, what did last night’s sneak peek rate, considering it aired at *10.50pm AEDST* due to the cricket running late?

  5. So it was on tonight, no promoting that I saw but I didn’t watch the cricket. Noting in TV Week or the electronic on screen guide so unless you check on line guides or are in the know this ‘sneak peek’ is likely to be a ratings flop even with the cricket!

    I just hope they decide to run the series in the correct order come Feb and re-run the 2nd ep.

  6. Well at the very least it has been given the decent timeslot of 8.30 in Perth. Though these dodgy timeslots and sneek peaks of episodes out of order are only going to f**k up what is an alright show.

  7. Like, who is the current programmer at Nine? I maen the McLeods Daughters marathon travesty, returning new eps of Cold Case with out notice and now this. Have they got a work experience guy there, that never watched much tv or something?

  8. “Maybe the 10 minute promo is a shortened version of their one on youtube.

    It promotes all the shows Nine are showing next year.”

    I think that’s what it is, but this is stupid. They should have done what ch7 has for the last 2 years and aired it right after the fireworks on the new year, instead of cutting to a movie for 1980!

    ITA ep 5 is good, but it features a core character introduced in the real pilot in a similar SL, viewers are going to be lost when the real pilot comes up.

    Again I’m really liking the show, its a procedural cop show but it goes one step further than most.

  9. episode 5 is an alright episode but they could have chosen one that didnt have such a major character development in it. airing after the cricket is a good idea, hopefully the commentators mention it a few times.

  10. The 2nd ep has the new guy (who is introduced in the real pilot)

    I just finished ep 4 and really like it, it has a Rush feel with a touch of NCIS and I love the end bits with the music over the closing scenes.

    And I already have the 4 pre-aired eps for S2 which originally were going to be ep 10-11-12-13 of S1.

  11. Just saw Ad on Nine.
    Slated to start – right after the cricket.
    So could be anytime, not neccessarily 10.30 unless they throw up half hour comedy or pad out other programme.
    This move looks sillier and sillier every minute and once again the Nine plant’s all have gone missing.
    Can’t justify the unjustifable.

  12. Melb: That would be because “The War At Home” is scheduled for Nine HD, and like Gossip Girl, if a show gets bumped to a post 10.30pm time slot, it is not screened in HD as Nine has burn-off programming running on that channel.

    Yet another reason to download it, really.

    Being on after the cricket, it’s virtually guaranteed to start later than scheduled anyway.

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