Flashpoint flashes forward

Action drama Flashpoint just got moved to this Sunday night on Nine.

UPDATE: Episode two “First in Line.”

North American action drama Flashpoint to screen on Channel Nine has had its “sneak peek” moved forward to this Sunday night.

It will now air at 10:30pm. On QTQ it will air at 9:30pm.

Nine had previously intended to launch with episode 5 on Sunday January 18.

Also this Sunday, Nine will move Secret Millionaire into the 6:30pm timeslot, elbowing 20 to 1 out. Nine is planning a local version of the show for 2009.

Nine will also air a ten minute network promo Nine’s Sneak Peek 2009 10:30pm Tuesday Jan 13 and 10pm Fri Jan 16 (TCN / GTV) and 9pm Fri Jan 16 (QTQ).

Secret Millionaire:
Self made man Paul Williams started in business 25 years ago. He’s now worth 60 million pounds and lives on the richest private estate in England. He wants to make a difference in people’s lives and give away some of his fortune, but he’s not alone. His 20 year old son Ben is with him.

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  1. If Channel Nine wanted people to watch it wouldn’t they put on the first episode on at an earlier time? Nobody’s gonna see it at 10:30. The people who did see it would be wondering about the silly episode order. The people who watch it after the “Sneek Peek” will be wondering about the missing episode between ep 1 and 3. This is if we are assuming that Nine won’t air it again. But who knows! BTW I’m not even interested in this show but it is very, very odd programming from a television station that you’d think would want to attract viewers rather than repel. If it were me I would do a proper “Sneek Peek” i.e. five minutes instead a whole episode, and at an appropriate hour of the day. Then again, that type of “Sneek Peek” didn’t work for Fringe.

  2. Well despite what everybody is saying this could be a smart move. It is following the 20 20 cricket, which i bet will get at least 1.5 mil. Even if it gets 500k then that is a possible 500k extrea that will tune into it the following Monday as well as others. David do u know what will air on the following Sunday instead. And this way there wont be 3 hrs of it spread over 2 nights. Also i think Secret Millionare on Sundays could pay off, does anyone know if it will continue on Thursdays.

  3. Sigh…. Another day, another programming change. Are Channel Nine just wanting to run Flashpoint into the ground? When will Australian programmers realise it’s 2009 and people aren’t going to take crap like this.

    What I find remarkable about this change, and really, most of the programming decisions that have already come about this year (and plagued last year), is that it would be rare for it to happen in any other industry. Could you see the AFL decreeing at the last minute that a Saturday match of St. Kilda versus Hawks would be moved to Sunday at 10.30 pm and in its place Port will be playing Geelong? Or that a movie being released in a weeks time being pushed back two months (and yes, movies do get moved around, but there is normally a lot of notice)? No other industry would do things like this and it’s amazing TV networks are getting away with it.

  4. Channel Nine are certifiably insane!! Who on earth is making these programming decisions?! Change number 100,000 this month alone!!1111111 What is going on?! I think Gyngell’s a funny dude even though I think Nine is the worst network, but that guy really has to get his act together and make sure stupid decisiosn like this don’t happen. I’m positive putting Flashpoint on at an earlier 8:30pm slot would be a better idea than the graveyard 10.30pm slot instead of a years old movie. It just doesn’t make sense

  5. well this show has no interest to me at all, i have really gone off crime tv. but i really did think it would rate well.

    but now i will smile as it gets the low low ratings and ch9 burn off another show that has potential.

    i hate 9 with so much passion.

  6. For those asking about what Flashpoint’s “Sneak Peek” means – I have no idea either. The episode is played in full. Does it mean the ep will be aired again later in sequence? Doubtful.

    The term makes sense for the 10 min network promo… but it confuses us all when applied to a full episode.

  7. say what? they have been promoting the shit out of this all summer but clearly its going to become another one of those 10.30pm shows that gets F**ked around with all the time, shame, its looks really good…oh, well, ill wait for the DVD…

  8. Is it really that hard

    start the week after the aus open, with episode one, and then in the same timeslot next week air episode 2 and so on.

    what is all this sneak peak, last minute program change, future timeslot and day change, 10:30, out of order, starting in non-ratings rubbish.

    i’d say this will be the mentalist of 2009.

  9. Ryan, a “sneak peek” is, I presume, an attempt to both build interest in a new show and also get a measure of that interest before committing to a permanent timeslot.

    Nine, however, still lives in the 1970s and truly believes that people only watch their network, and will therefore know that this unlisted “sneak preview” is on.

    I predict ratings disaster in the size-comparing room.. err sorry, I mean the Nine boardroom, and that Flashpoint will be the Pushing Daises of Nine’s 2009.

  10. Why on earth would you premiere one of your big hopes for the new season at 10.30pm in summer?

    All I can think of is that this ep 5 is a turkey for some reason and they want to get it out of the way.

    What leads into it?

  11. Sneak Peak 10-30 pm and who knows what episode.
    Nine really must have high hopes (sarcasm meter turned up high)
    Gyn, what are you thinking ?
    Be brave, be bold.
    Sunday or Monday night 8.30 PM and show the eps in order, so sneak peak is Episode One (1) yes, the first ep in series.

  12. I’m assuming this is sneak peak only timeslot? – I don’t really get what a sneak peek is.

    I wish they’d just air the show from the start.

    I’m also assuming it will be getting an 8.30/9.30 timeslot considering the promotion I have seen for it.

  13. and with this move the show is now doomed. no one will watch it coz it won’t be in the printed guides and no one will know it is on. only avid 9 watchers will catch on air ads saying when it is on and most people don’t pay that much attention to ads, you tune them out, all you really pay attention to is the show and the fact that it will be on, you presume that it is in its weekly slot or that you will see it in the tv guide. this premiere will fail dismally especially with the late timeslot, 9 will have to follow the sneak peak with a bunch of encores if they want to save the show.

  14. So it’s moved to an unscheduled timeslot that isn’t reflected in the major printed guides, with an episode that may or may not be the first episode or may just drop unsuspecting viewers who tuned in for the movie “The Score” in the middle of a Canadian drama series where they don’t know the characters, don’t know the premise and don’t care as they reach for the remote to change channels.

    Yes, folks, more genius work from Nine’s would-have-been-fired-ages-ago-in-any-sane-company programming department.

    Those who find Flashpoint’s premise interesting will find a more reliable “sneak preview” in the usual online places.

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