FOX8 delays Chuck series

Just when you thought it was safe to compliment pay television for sticking to schedules...

A lot of people have been complimenting pay television on sticking to their schedules, compared to free to air networks. But FOX8 has announced a delay in the start of Chuck -originally due to air January 21st.

There is no new date for the series about a guy who learns he has government spy secrets embedded in his brain.

FOX8 indicates the series, which it purchased from Nine, will now air later in the year.

“Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause,” said a brief statement.

It will be replaced by the second season of Kyle XY.

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  1. Kyle XY is really rather good, so it’s good to know that the show is being given the right treatment. Chuck will be my next must-watch for Fox 8.

    But they should move some of the poor reality shows out of the channgel. Dog the Bounty Hunter could go to CI, Ice Road Truckers could go Bio.

  2. Now is there some issue airing it, or did something along the times of, they just realised they were starting all their shiny new show purchases at the start of the year, and then would have nothing new for later on in the year?

    It’d be nice for networks to actually give a reason to these things. Especially seeing Chuck is one of the best shows around these days.

  3. I say good on them for continuing with the 2nd season of Kyle XY. Really they don’t have enough time in their schedule – Foxtel could stand to split FOX8 up into a couple of channels – like in the UK where they have Sky1, Sky2 and Sky3.

  4. Chuck looks like a good show and all but nothing could replace Kyle XY!!! It’s the best show ever!! I was a bit confused because I thought FOX8 were going to take Kyle XY off the air but they arn’t which is good!!! And what’s with FOX8 replacing the new season of Supernatural with Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles??? That’s just stupid!!!

  5. I am a fan of Kyle XY and and happy to hear it is returning to the schedule. With the FTA stations coming out of non-ratings there is going to be alot of quality TV. Maybe time to invest in a TIVO.

  6. Kyle XY is actually a very good show…from someone who has seen the first season of both shows, I reckon Kyle is the superior option. Then again they could always free up the schedule by giving some of the reality shows a boot as Jason said

  7. So Chuck was going to replace Kyle XY, this is not good. Looks like either Fox8 is learning bad lessons from the FTA networks or they just have too much content to air it all right now.

    This is not good news 🙁

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