FOX8 delays Chuck series

Just when you thought it was safe to compliment pay television for sticking to schedules...

A lot of people have been complimenting pay television on sticking to their schedules, compared to free to air networks. But FOX8 has announced a delay in the start of Chuck -originally due to air January 21st.

There is no new date for the series about a guy who learns he has government spy secrets embedded in his brain.

FOX8 indicates the series, which it purchased from Nine, will now air later in the year.

“Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause,” said a brief statement.

It will be replaced by the second season of Kyle XY.

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  1. Who makes the decisions??? Get rid of all the monotonous reality shows that are all the same, and the police shows, that are all the same and give us more quirky fun tv, like Chuck, Big Bang Theory & Eureka!

  2. Chuck now shows on GO! Wednesdays at 8.30pm, they’re showing Season 1, just hope they do better than Fox8, and Kyle XY has been cancelled after Season 3 and Fox8 has aired Season 3 already! I don’t know if people are behind or something, but Kyle XY has sadly been cancelled 🙁 Was a good show, but I absolutely Love Chuck, FOX8 hurry up with Season 3 the first 13 episodes are really epic!!

  3. come on fox 8 bring back chuck season 3 if fantaic have seen the first 13 episodes it just gets better now i have to wait shame on you fox 8 give it back to nine let them show it from the start and then fast tarck it here

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