Gone: America’s Next Top Model, Army Wives

Updated: TEN shifts ANTM to a late night slot.

Channel TEN has dropped America’s Next Top Model from its schedule effective immediately.

The reality series was airing on Sunday and Monday nights. It will replace it with a movie on Sunday night (which also bumps Don’t Forget the Lyrics out for the night).

On Sunday the show managed just 403,000 viewers.

Monday nights it will be replaced by repeats of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

TEN also drops Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Army Wives from its Monday line-up next week.

Sunday January 11
6:30pm Sunday Night Movie – Aquamarine
8:35pm Sunday Night Movie – Die Hard With A Vengeance
11:10pm The Daily Show With Jon Stewart – Global Edition
11:40pm The Office
12:10am Cops
12:40am Video Hits Up-Late
1:00am Home Shopping

Monday January 12
7:30pm Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader
8:30pm Monday Night Movie – Double Jeopardy
10:40pm Out Of The Blue
11:10pm TEN Late News With Sports Tonight
11:55pm The Late Show With David Letterman
12:55am Video Hits Up-Late
1:00am Home Shopping

Criminal Intent repeats remain in place Thursday nights at 9:30pm.

The dropping of ANTM, which has already screened on FOX8, is the second “Pay to FTA” show to be dropped this week. Maybe it’s time to stop scheduling shows that have already aired on subscription TV?

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  1. Just wanted to add to the disappointment! my boyffriends is completing deployment and army wives was the one thing pulling me through, Dont bother airing the show if you believe it wont get ratings because it leaves us all upset and angry.My friends and i are not happy constantly replaying the 3 episodes aired that got us so hitched!

  2. Words can not express my anger at C10. I am so absolutely sick and tired of damn crime shows. Most nights you go to either 7,9 or 10 and there will be some stupid crime show like Numbers, CSI, The Mentalist (that is the worst title for a show by the way!).

    Finally a show I love, Army Wives, graces our screens. I am also a huge ANTM fan, It is extremely disappointing that my 2 favourite shows have been removed, ANTM might as well not be on, who can watch TV till 2am when they have to get up and work at 8am the next day?

    As for Gossip Girl, another show I also love. I couldn’t be bothered staying up that late to watch it.

    I am signing up for pay tv in a few weeks because I am sick to death of The Simpsons!!!

    Anyone else missing these shows, they can be easily downloaded.
    Army Wives Season 1 comes out on DVD in March

  3. I have to agree with most of you chan 10 what are you doing… bring back A.N.T.M have a look at the crap line up for tonight out of the blue (this is shite no wonder they have been playing it late at night) followed by bad news bears (w.t.f) followed by about a boy how many times can one tv station play the one movie I would love to know how many times it’s been on…no chan 10 for me tonight time for a dvd..
    I know that this won’t make 10 put it back on but I feel better for venting..

  4. top ten models – you keep changing the time and day then its in the paper then it not on the tv. then i find out it was on for 2 hours at midnight last night. its crap you are unprofessional – we need to see who wins before you cut, I am over Channel 10.

  5. Why get us involved in two good shows of Army Wives and Americas Top Model then take them of the air, you could at least let us see the series to the end instead of leaving us hanging. Why do channels do that and why put it on in the first place. Then you go and put onSmarter than a 5th grader would have rather had the other shows so as to seen the end result thankyou.

  6. Ahhh!! – what – no – pleaseeeeee stop!! ANTM is the one show that i make sure i see weekly!!! and one of the only reasons I chose chanel 10 or 7!! – you go getting pepes hooked on shows then Aghhh!!! Why? The ratings were prolly low cause pepes are having a summer BBQ or soming!! Not me!! – I bail home just to seee ittt!!!!!!!
    please just put it on!! – Even if you run the rest of the series in one night!! Aaarhh!!

  7. It is just so annoying when you start watching these shows and become genuinely interested in them and they are just pulled from the screen with no notice and no details as to whether they will be aired again at a later stage. Channel 10 you suck.

  8. Channel 10 Sucks and blows at the same time. Army Wives was one of the highlights over the summer period, what are we suposed to do now? Download pirate versions on the internet? Im sick of these muppets at the TV stations messing around with the schedules. And repeats of 5th Grader… you have got to be f***ing kidding me? That is arguably the the biggest pile of s*it program ever devised by mankind.

  9. I hate how channel 10 has done this! You can’t just put on a series then take it away and not finish it! I loved the show and was really looking forward to the rest of it! I also thought after they had done this previously, that putting it on again they would go all the way otherwise why even put it on! Not happy!

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