Gone: Gossip Girl

It’s bad news for fans of Gossip Girl on Nine.

The show has been pulled from the schedule effective immediately.

From tomorrow Nine will show double episodes of ER.

Gossip Girl’s first season was screening on Nine after being on-sold and screened on Nine. But many have argued that the 10:30pm timeslot was too late for the target audience, particularly in early December before school holidays had begun.

For the past two weeks the show has been off air due to Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Until yesterday it had been planned to return tonight.

The last time it aired the show attracted 441,000 viewers -not too bad a figure for the summer timeslot.

ER screens two episodes “From here to Paternity” and “Photographs And Memories” from 9:30pm.

No word on whether Gossip Girl is returning yet.


  1. This just shows the stupidity of FTA tv. Gossip Girl had huge marketing potential for the teenage youth audience, but marketing is everything in the world of TV. Why don’t they get a bright idea and put it on at 9.30pm before ER. Note: (“ER” is a pathetic excuse for a TV show that is for old farts…). No wonder the numbers dwindled, especially since that horrendous TV show kept on running long into the time when Gossip Girl was supposed to air. That just continues to prove our point of how pathetic FTA TV has gotten.

    Channel 9…. (For shame!!!)

  2. FTA channels seem to try to make it as challenging as possible to follow the crazy scheduling of tv shows. GG is one of the best, but 9: starts it during non-ratings, in a late-night slot with virtually no promotion, then it vanishes after a few episodes with no notice or explanation.
    They should just save the cost of programmers & use a computer program to randomly assign programs to slots.

  3. gossipgirlisawsome

    i don’t understand why they cancled gossip girl!! all week i had been checking my electronic guide and it said that gossip girl ep 4 would be on “bad news blair” but then randomly i check it on the day it should air and it says double E.R.

    What the hell is that.. i hate to say it but know one really cares about the shows channel nine plays they are like just about turning people lives around, and lifestyle i mean there are only so many times you can see someone find there family!!! channel nine must clean up there act beacuse foxtel is killing FTA. i check everyday to see if gossip girl will be moved to a different time slot.. but no luck..! I hate Channel Nine!!

  4. WTF…another show axed. well atleast i brought the season off ebay! and you know what! the show is fantastic. Its exactly what needs to be on tv atm cause their are no shows that are similar to provde it with decent competition.

    when 90210 aired i thought it was ok, when it was axed i was alitle upset. however when this show aired i was very impressed. it was the kind of show i had been waiting for. loved it!

    however i was confussed when it suddenly pulled of the air and a double ep of er was on tv when channel 9’s site said that GG was meant to be on. not only this but i was shocked to see that i had aparently missed 2 eps.

    very poor managemnt as well as promoting. It was he fact that i was of the belief that i mssed these eps that inspired me to purchase the box set. very disapointed channel 9. epic fail on ur behalf.

  5. charlotte-gossip girl lover~SeReNa

    wtf!! omg i cant believe they pulled it off!! i was so happy cause of it only being on foxtel whitch i do not have. i love gossip girl and it only played 3 episodes.
    it was my fav tv show and my fav actress is in it (blake lively).

    please put it back on chanell 9!. or any other station i dont care if its late
    “maybe a bit” but just at least they put it back on!!


  6. I now this is soooo stupid. They put the most boring show on instead of a show that is Obviously really popular!!! They really need to put gossip girl on again or alot of people including me will be really pissed.

  7. This annoys me.

    A lot of quality shows are seen as too niche for FTA. So a lot of good shows are going straight to pay tv.

    Surely FTA can find a few slots in their schedule for these type of shows.

  8. I agree with those who wrote in before, Gossip should be put back on television, if not channel 9 then channel 10 because it;s more of a ten thing anyways so I was surprised when Gossip Girl was aired on Channel 9. It doesn’t exactly matter to me what Channel it’s on, as long as they do re-air the show, because so many people enjoy watching Gossip Girl.

    It’s so addictive to a lot of people!

  9. after weeks of u playing the most popular and most talked about show in the U.S. in the stupidest timslot …u pop on another ER episode

    if you werent gonna give this awesome show a chance u shulnt have played it to begin with!!!!!
    give us loyal fans a break and stop playing with us!
    you channel 9, have now lost maaaany teen viewers. good luck with ur old people shows in 2009. Give it to Channel 10 and they will know what to do with the damn thing!!

  10. this is just bull! the people at channel 9 must be idiots!
    i mean they get a top rating show, and then they take it off air. honestly, do they think people dont notice? veiwers are changing to channel 7 and even abc for christs sake!

    channel nine is screwing up something chronic, i mean “change back to channel 9” is there current add and that just screams desperate cause that makes it obvious that people have left and that their ratings are low.

    they finally get a really good show and they just throw it away.

    all they’ve got left that apeals to my age group (16 – 25) is two and a half men and the big band theory, and even they are losing there touch.

    nine is dead.

  11. Pathetic and not surprising. Can’t be bothered with FTA anymore, getting foxtel and already downloaded all the gossip girls. 9 and 10 are both the same, first 10 with 90210, and now 9 with Gossip Girl. It’s just the same every time when something actually worthy of watching comes on then gets pulled off after a couple of episodes.

  12. Comments here would be the same as what I left about America’s next top model on 10 – about committing to a show, etc…

    With the addition of: Way wrong timeslot for its demographic! Its one of the top raters on Foxtel, so I see no reason why it would not have done well at a more sensible time – regradless of holidays or not? Also ER wrong lead in for it as well. Also – never starting on time… was doomed from the start. Very disappointing for those who do not have Foxtel.

    I enjoy ER and also annoyed at its treatment in 2008 – was always a ratings winner for ch 9 but didn’t get a chance in 2008. Too late now.

  13. It seems to me that the whole Freeview crap is going to mean that we see these shows relegated to their HD channels. If that is the case hopefully we may see a whole season of a show, rather than endless repeats of a show that does rate (Two and a half men, Ramsay KItchen Nightmares).

    What gets me is how free to view are going to take away viewers from Foxtel who manage to be consistent with their programming and understand that shows have cult followings. Seems that people are going to continue downloading shows who cannot afford Foxtel or want to see shows in a timely fashion

  14. Sad about GG – love it but download it, sorry 9
    Love ER too, but 9 changes the schedule so often, you can never tell when its on or what time.

    Need Foxtel now I think…

  15. Neon Kitten: “Nine, I did the “right thing” and watched a show on your network. You responded by nuking it without notice. This really ain’t rocket science. You… Do know how to run a television station, right? Right? Bueller? Anyone remember where Nine was up to when they last aired it? It was only episode 3, wasn’t it?”

    Well said, Neon. This demonstrates how I feel most of the time.

  16. Gossip Girl is a great show. The first episode sucked but I caught a couple of season 2 eps at a mate’s house and it was great. Fantastic characters, a witty script, it was not quite The OC or Buffy calibre but it was definitely one of the best shows for teens. Also, there’s absolutely no shows on for teens at the moment, even mystery/thriller/serial shows like LOST and Heroes are on at 10:30pm where there’s no chance at all of people watching them. Take it from me, now is a good time to either start downloading shows or watch the DVDs of series like these that get yanked. If ppl don’t know by now not to rely on FTA (or at least on Channel 9) for reliable, consistent programming, then they probably never will.

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