Gone: In Plain Sight

This week TEN’s new US drama In Plain Sight is added to the (already) growing list of shows dropped off air in 2009.

It is replaced by a second, repeat episode of NCIS.

Last week In Plain Sight managed 702,000 viewers – a very good figure for TEN in a 9:30 summer slot.

Only 5 episodes of the drama starring Mary McCormack have aired so far.

No word on if, or where, the remaining eps will appear.


  1. This show returned to Ten’s schedule on Thursday 5 June at 12:00am with episode 6 “High Price Spread” which aired in the US on 6 July 2008. Eps 7 and 8 aired on 12 and 19 June respectively and episode 9 “Good Cop, Dead Cop” airs tonight.

  2. God damn. I moved back to Oz 3 yrs ago and am still constantly amazed an disgusted by the lack of respect the tv networks demonstrate to the viewers here. Shows run over, run late, start later, change nights change channels and disappear without a trace or an explanation. I work nights and try to record stuff to watch when I get home and it is so frustrating to find I have anther bloody episode of NCIS )It’s hard to get interested in any thing new they put on as you might only get two episodes before it’s ripped off to be replaced by yet another repeat! Do they really wonder why they can’t get the viewers?? I was quite enjoying this show in the summer wasteland of TV. The Closer seems to have disappeared yet again, and ER should be gone again any second. It leads me to believe that the reality is that they actually don’t care that people watch. Thank the powers that be that the internet exists and is available to us. Now if Australia would just allow the general public access to digital cable…The networks suck!!

  3. Finally C10 had something worth watching and they axed it!…it’ll probably come back on at a time too late for the majority to watch…
    Clearly I’ll be looking for copies of In Plain Sight elsewhere then.!!!

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