Gone: The Zoo

zoo-zebraIt’s no laughing matter baby zebra….

Nine’s experiment with a new factual series at 5pm has misfired.

The network has pulled the New Zealand series The Zoo effectively immediately and Bargain Hunt repeats returns at 5pm this evening.

Nine’s lead-ins to the 6pm News continue to cause problems, even in non-ratings. We await news of a 5:30pm “magazine-style” show for Sydney and Melbourne like a knight in shining armour.

Earlier this week Nine’s director of research Steve Weaver said, “dog” shows will be cut quickly despite an audience backlash to slicing and dicing of shows.

Guess he meant zoo shows too…


  1. Just so long as they leave Antiques Roadshow alone, apart from Cricket and Rugby League AR is all I watch on nine and that won’t be changing anytime soon

  2. “I currently do not know what’s show’s on at what time because they keep mving things around.”


    And since Nine’s still trying to claim their program listing is “copyright” (sheesh) nobody else knows either.

    Could there be a more incompetent network? I think not.

  3. Why doesn’t Nine’s new “magazine style show” go for 1 hour? I mean, Today Show goes for 3 and a half hours (5:30 – 9:00am). Plus a lot of people would watch this over m.a.s.h.. So why are they going for a half hour show?

    I agree with Steve Weaver that they don’t have time to waste. However how much advertising would they have to do to get people to remember new shows and when new shows will be on. Once Nine have a fim schedule, they should just post every weeknight’s programs on their website. So a premanent guide can just be printed off and stuck on the fridge.

    I currently do not know what’s show’s on at what time because they keep mving things around.

    All this change to their news lead in is just going to mean that people will have a higher expectation for the new mag show. Maybe the 4:30 news should be dropped and they should air their mag show for 1 and a half hours (4:30 to 6:00).

    I will be expecting a lot from this new mag show. For the Sydney version of the mag show,

    I am guessing that they will be using the Today Show set ( I think today is filmed in Sydney). Does anybody know where the Melbourne version will be shot, or will they create a new set?

  4. well it might help if they showed it at the actual scheduled time, in brisbane all the guides said 5pm and it was for a while, then yesterday it was half an hour earlier, all the while the EPG telling me that something other than what was on the screen was on, if they are going to pull a last minute switch-a-roo at least update the EPG.

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