Has SBS forgotten Australia Day?

Maybe it’s being deliberately multicultural, but there is next to nothing on SBS on Australia Day to mark our national day.

Falling on a Monday, the national broadcaster isn’t prepared to part with its prized Monday night line-up.

Next Monday its prime time line up is dominated by Top Gear, South Park and repeats of Drawn Together and Skins.

Only World News Australia and a repeat of Pizza wave the home-grown flag.

It’s not really much of a party.

Meanwhile the ABC has a speech from the Governor General and a special on composer Phillip Glass plus a repeat of Choir of Hard Knocks.

The day before, Sunday 25th, Nine will screen the announcement of the Australian of the Year in a one hour special at 5pm. On the 26th it has cricket, while Seven has tennis and TEN screens the movie Serenity in prime time.

But SBS’ main Aussie shows are an afternoon repeat of a profile of Malcolm Fraser and a repeat of a 2008 Oz Concert.

In previous years it has featured specials or local movies to mark the occasion.


  1. Dear Channel 7

    I am truly sick and tired of your hostile comments re people of languages other than English. One day I accidentally watched your show and there you were are telling people that native Aussie taxi drivers are better than non-native! You could position your message differently and say that you checked the quality of training for taxi drivers and you don’t find it sufficient without making stupid remarks to people’s backgrounds. Stop it and start employing people with accents to stop prejudices. And this above comment about BS and 26th January is also hostile. As for you, on 26th January you will be running all day Tennis – and how is that relevant to Australia, Reconciliation and the Aboriginal Day of Mourning? Stop burning this hostility as otherwise you only confirm that all commercial station are just primitive.

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