Hot Tip: So You Think You Can Dance Australia

So You Think You Can Dance Australia kicks off its 2009 season with Sydney auditions on Sunday February 1st.

TV Tonight has taken a peek at the premiere episode and can tell you that it’s back with some kickin’ dancers again.

Host Natalie Bassingthwaighte looks far more relaxed in her role after a tentative start in 2008.

The 90 min premiere again turns on the drama with some very personal admissions by dancers prepared to put their stories on the line. It again proves it is the most multicultural reality show on Australian television.

And watch out for one out-of-the-box dancer with the odd name “Forever.”

The 2009 series will also include an appearance by Nigel Lythgoe, producer of the US series and formerly American Idol, who will be judging alongside wife Bonnie Lythgoe, Matt Lee and Jason Coleman.

Choreographer superstar Wade Robson, who has led music videos for NSync, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson will also take dancers through their paces later in the series.


  1. I love watching the show for the dancing, but we seriously need to change the host and judges. They have absolutely no personality or charm, and Natalie just screams “awkward” in all of her body language on that stage. Hard to believe she’s actually a performer.

    Change the host and judges and the show would improve 200%.

  2. I’ll happily put my hand up and say I really enjoy this show. It entertains, it showcases actual talent, the judges and host do a great job. But opinions of course always differ. In short I think it comes down to the oft quoted but appropriate phrase “Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.”

  3. I watched season 1 but won’t bother with the new 1. It takes up way too many hours of the week…if I did bother to watch every ep, thats at least 4 hrs a week I won’t get back. And the end payoff wasn’t really that satisfying. Its better than most reality shows though

  4. Not my cuppa of tea. There again most dance shows bore me or is it the “annoying judges”and “look at me hosts”
    Maybe if they concentrated on the dancers and their ability rather than the constant voting by sms (money making)/ cross promotion stuff

  5. I was involved with the show last year.
    I am involved with the show this year.
    I am proud to be associated with it.
    I believe its a great show.
    We have some fabulous talent in this country that we should be proud of!!

  6. this show sucks, and it’s even worse with Natalie hosting it. She is trying too much to be like the american host (even though the american host is english).

    The show needs a new host, along with a better show.

  7. Renny: To me, its not entertainment, its a bunch of people girating so they look like they are having some kind of fit.

    Entertaining TV – Top Gear (UK version), Fawlty Towers for example

    Biggest Loser – Series 1 OK, the rest same old boring stuff
    SYTYCD – straight rubbish
    Big Brother – Series 1 OK, the rest too predictable and with too many idiots

  8. knoxoverstreet

    I agree with you Renny it’s not my cuppa tea either I prefer Idol but it’s still a long way from trash tv. I can see why those who are into dancing would love watching something like this.

  9. i rekon the show is awesome!! i love natalie as the host! she is gorgeous and now that she has had an acting coach for this yr i can see she will do even better!
    one of the best shows out there atm. bring it on

  10. Trash TV? What actually makes a dancing competition trash tv? It’s not my cup of tea, but to brand everyone watches such shows as brain dead is silly.

    TV is about entertainment. If you want to be intellectually stimulated turn it off.

  11. I am happy to admit I love SYTYCD Australian and can’t wait …. I also don’t think shows like Idol or Dance should be clased as reality shows, they’re talent quests and the emphasis is rightly on the talent of which there will be plenty I’m sure.

  12. Entertaining, intelligent tv.
    The people involved in this show should be very proud of what they produce.
    People watch this show because the creative / artistic side of their brains are functioning.

  13. You’re in catch-22 freddy because you’ve watched then you’re brain dead (by your own admission) and if you haven’t watched then you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Thanks for playing.

  14. More trash TV.
    How can anyone admit that they actualy had a part in making this type of crap?
    And how can anyone admit that their brain is so dead that they actualy watch it…

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