Hotel Babylon checks back into Nine

Nine repeats the sexy British drama on 9HD from next month.

Sexy British series Hotel Babylon is checking in to Channel Nine again, but only as a repeat of Series One on 9HD.

The drama, starring Max Beesley and featuring Australian Natalie Mendoza, previously screened on Nine a few years ago. Nine had promised us Season Two for 2007 and acquired the rights to Season Three -but so far they haven’t even moved into the lobby.

Last night 9HD ended Series 4 of Nip / Tuck (where’s Series 5 please?) and so will move Hotel Babylon into its vacant room, beginning 10:45pm Monday February 2nd.

Pay TV has already screened the second series and series three joins UKTV next month. A fourth series has also been commissioned.

Currently 9HD is also re-screening Series 1 of Weeds on Tuesdays. If it moves into a repeat of Series 2 can we cross our fingers that we’ll eventually get to see Series 3 of that too?

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  1. I gave up waiting for NIne to show season 2 so I bought the DVD and I will be watching series 3 on UK.TV from Monday 16 February at 9:30 pm in the knowledge it will not pulled from schedule. Thank God for Foxtel.

  2. i’m still waiting for signs of new amsterdam, i’ve heard a lot of internet talk about it and want to see what the fuss is about, 9 have shown heaps of other 1 season only shows on 9HD, have they just forgotten they have the rights to this one and instead moved onto repeats of shows from a few years ago? (not that i’m not watching weeds for the first time now on 9HD coz i am, but would still like to see new amsterdam)

  3. Oh i get this logic, they are repeating season 1 just in case anyone was holding off for over a year just so they can rewatch from the start of the storyline before they cut people off. Smart. Not.

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