Low definition tennis for Seven

Why isn't the Australian Open being broadcast in high definition, please?

Seven’s broadcast of the 2009 Australian Open kicks off tomorrow. Two whole weeks of almost wall to wall tennis,

If you’re a die-hard sports fan its a veritable feast, and it conveniently allows Seven to promote its key shows for February.

And as a fan you are probably looking forward to seeing the broadcast in all its glory. But you won’t see much difference in the quality of sound and vision on 7HD over Seven’s standard channel.

Seven won’t be broadcasting the tennis in high-definition.

No, in 2009 it will again be broadcast in SD on both its channels.

This is a disappointing decision by Seven.

Nine broadcasts its cricket in high definition on 9HD and TEN does likewise for the AFL on TEN HD.

While networks are trying to impress us with promises of Freeview and goading us to upgrade to digital HD television, Seven continues a go-slow on offering contemporary vision.

No doubt one of the reasons behind this is the fact that the revenue is driven by Seven’s SD channel. Offering a more appealing broadcast on 7HD doesn’t add-up when it ratings (and revenue) are not supplied.

ABC2 (which is digital but not high-def) is the only FTA network outside out traditional 5 FTA channels included in OzTAM ratings.

OzTAM is jointly owned by Seven, Nine and TEN.

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  1. Check the cameras closely. They all have the seven logo and they all say HD just near the lens.

    This situation has made me livid. Broadcasting SD quality on their HD channel almost does amount to false advertising, as Jon mentioned. To do so when they are filming on their own HD equipment to satisfy overseas markets rather than their local one is not only dissapointing, it’s insulting.

    Don’t even get me started on the inane cross-promotion they’ve forced the commentators to do…. Oh and those ridiculous set-up-ball-on-court shots with even more cross-promotion when they come back from a break…. aaargh

  2. It’s just not cricket, that there is no HD coverage and that us Queenslanders have to suffer hour delays due to southern programmers who don’t know the difference betweed high and standard definition and AEDT and AEST.

    If anyone is angry about these decisions, from either Brisbane or Perth, send a comment David’s way.

  3. Isn’t it a breach of protocol (or a breach of logic) to have a dedicated HD channel that broadcasts in Standard Definition? It’s like getting standard unleaded out of the high octane hose at the petrol station. It is nothing short of false advertising. I say if 7’s not broadcasting a particular show in HD then they shouldn’t be able to advertise it as being on the HD channel. Indeed, if there is no HD content at a given time, there should be nothing showing on the HD channel—the HD channel should be blank. As for ratings excluding the HD viewers of the same show…if this is true, then it is also a breach of logic.

  4. I can’t get any 7 digital signal, HD or SD. I have never had an issue with any channels before tonight and all the other channels are received fine. Is anyone else not recieving 7HD or 7SD tennis??

  5. @ Ella. I have got to agree with you that “wehearttv” is quite lame. I’m actually talking about throughout histroy, I have preferred Nine’s promos, compared to Seven’s. The main reason for why I like Nine’s promos better is because I was in love with their 2004 promo, with the whole “Still The One.” So I do got to admit, we heart tv is a pathetic slogan. Channel Ten has the bet slogan. Seriously.

  6. The tennis is quite annoying. It starts off quite good and enjoyable, but after a couple of days or so, it’s unbareable. It also interrupts normal viewing.

    Maybe Channel Seven should just show the tennis on either 7 or 7HD. Not on both channels.

    Channel Seven also need to revamp their on-air look for both sports and normal TV. Their on-air presentation, especially their watermark, is disgusting and needs a serious overahaul. However, I do prefer Nine so it is good that Seven is ugly.

  7. The FreeView and digital joke continues…
    1. If tennis not in HD, then why not offer regular or alternative programming on 7HD for those who are not into the tennis?
    2. Suggest that ESPN and the like will be upscaling the coverage to HD. If 7 filmed in HD, they’d show it in HD. Suggest 7’s HD equipment tied up in their local productions like Home and Away, City Homicide and Rafters.
    3. HD and extra channels not counting in ratings? That explains everything. Ideally that would be changed by Feb 8, and 7 and 9 would start using 2nd SD channel then too. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was no change until the launch of ONE.

  8. This is absolutely hilarious and will be the best comedy on Oz tv this year (“Freeview” lol)! Clever country… hmmmm. The government should give those extra channels to others to put new content on (if all they will be is just a duplicate of existing content).

    “…”7HD doesn’t add-up when it ratings (and revenue) are not supplied.”
    Shows hows a screwy ratings system can undermine digital tv intentions. So the writing is clear for digital tv in Oz. Even if they fix the rating system the current broadcasters don’t want to risk splitting their viewing base across other channels (even if they own them) – So they will put crap on them instead. Do we really have to wait years before the government and authorities wisen up?

  9. well this is very poor form. i expected better from 7. they have proven to be using their HD well so far, they are still the only ones to produce local content made for 7HD, and i am loving all the scrubs episodes scattered everywhere.

    but this is not very good. i don’t have surround sound and can barely tell the diff between HD and SD on my new LCD. but i know there are people out there that are very passionate about having shows in HD that will be very disappointed.

  10. The easy thing in protest is not to watch channel 7 sport , particular the tennis, reason why viewers in Australia are getting treated like this , is because people are still watching the station when people arent watching then channel 7 will take notice.

    If people had any sense the majority would boycott tennis

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