McLeod’s goes out blazing

The last two episodes of McLeod’s Daughters will air later this month.

“In the Valley of the Shadow” and “The Long Paddock” are part of a two episode finale, which takes place six months after the preceding episode.

The finale features a fire at the grain silo, with the grain that was supposed to help get the cattle through the next few months destroyed.

It is scheduled for 9:30pm and 10:30pm on Saturday January 31st, following a four-episode marathon this Saturday and two more eps on January 24. In case you’re in any doubt that means the show ends at 11:30pm on a Saturday night.

It brings to a close the eight-year run for the popular drama.

The eighth season has been a trial for loyal viewers, but if you are really keen you could try episodes via Nine’s free Catch-Up video player. It requires patience and a big broadband plan. Otherwise wait until they air…

Press Release:
In the final telemovie-length episode of McLeod’s Daughters, Drovers’ future is in doubt and the girls pull out all stops to shear through the night to try and save the farm, and their futures.

It’s six months since our last episode. High summer is looming and the ongoing drought has forced drastic action. All the sheep are being mustered and shorn to sell off so the remaining stored feed can help keep the cattle going through the next months. Stevie is nursing a secret; the financial situation is even more dire than she’s told the others. The whole future of Drovers rests on this plan.

Stevie’s secret is revealed halfway through the shear when, to avoid mutiny, Stevie confesses all. Drovers is in terrible financial trouble. She hasn’t been drawing herself a wage for the last six months, opting not to pay herself, in order to avoid having to sack one of the girls.

With the help of Killarney, the shearing is completed. But just as a relieved Stevie thinks they’re out of the woods, the silo holding all of their grain stocks catches fire. Suddenly the grain that was supposed to help get the cattle through the next few months is gone.

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  1. I totally agree with ella, why Nine don’t do a special last episode event and promote it a bit? Sure, most people, including myself won’t be watching the lead up but the actually last episode and restrospective could get Nine at least 1 million viewers, especially in a barren (pun intended) summer TV landscape.

    How about a 20 to 1 Greatest McLeod’s Daughters moments Nine? You seem to love 20 to 1 shows so much. And I’d personally vote Claire’s death as the number one.

  2. Sky, alter that to “a heck of a lot of people” would have watched this if Nine used commonsense and showed the last 8-10 eps in 2 hour blocks Monday-Tuesday night at 7-30 Pm.
    I liked McLeods but Sat night is not the night to watch it.

  3. A reasonable amount of people would have watched it, had the moron programmers at 9 returned it to it’s Wed 7.30 timeslot, not some pathetic Saturday 8.30 or 9.30 or 10.30 timeslot depending week to week.

    I gave up on that sh*t channel 9 long ago and bought the DVD.

    All the best in 2009!………(short spurt of sarcasm over)

  4. JM, i think you’ll find the timeslot change came before the viewer #’s dropped, it actually wasn’t doing that bad.

    This is my mum’s fav show and i know she talks about it with her friends and she is not happy. she knows a few people that have complained to 9, i expect the complaints to rise when people relise the 4 episode thing and that the last episode ever is at midnight.

    can’t 9 do a noble thing and put it at 7:30, this show has been so good to them and it is NRP.

  5. @JM, people did watch the show, it was getting good ratings, around 1mil, the ratings only got bad after the timeslot change to saturday, which doesn’t mean the show got any worse its just because people don’t watch TV on Sat.

  6. Channel 9 should be ashamed of themselves with how they have treated this Australian drama. I don’t watch the show but I know it has many loyal fans & you just don’t treat a homegrown drama with such little respect!!

  7. you’ll be glad to know its been given the same respect as ER with now the first season of McLeods following ER on monday night / tuesday morning @ 1am

  8. thats so awful , seriously Nine thats Pathetic. A different, original Aussie drama, one of nines old big hits. How would the actors feel, the crew.
    If Nine had any respect, or did value itself as a professional network, then this show should of ended back in ratings and we shouldn’t even have to be discussing it. The should be a law, if an aussie drama is screening it stays on for its run, good or bad and advertiser and networks can deal with it if it does bad.

    Never watching Nine again. Though I wasnt anyway, that network has crossed the line one too many times

  9. so after 8 years of loyal viewing and great sucess in quality television it goes out at midnight on a saturday during summer.

    it’s still a good show, better than ever. ch9 are a disgrace. i feel so sorry for all the people that have put 8 years of good work into it.

    couldn’t they have done what 7 did with blue heelers. dispite bad ratings brought the final episode to a sunday and did some heavy promotion, and it went out with honour and good ratings.

    mccleods has done so much for 9 over the years and this is how they get repaid?
    they’ve lost my viewing.

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