Nine’s live Obama marathon

Nine News will present a live marathon telecast of Barack Obama’s Inauguration, beginning next Tuesday night.

The special, featuring live reports from Karl Stefanovic (and not his correspondent brother Peter) and Robert Penfold in Washington DC, begins at 10:55pm, elbowing ER into the waiting room.

It will continue through until 5:30am Wednesday morning.

ABC also has an overnight live telecast while SBS screens highlights the next day.

No word yet from Seven or TEN.


  1. Who cares because he’s black its significant. Give me a break he will be hot air like Mr Rudd as he as he will be nothing but spin, except he will tax the rich further for his socialistic agenda in a depressed economy. No idea while 7 & 9 there its a load of bull considering the expense it would cost them to cut into the ABC or NBC broadcasts with their own “experts on the ground”.

    Glad Im not an American taxpayer for this mess inluding the so called concert a few days before paying for it. Slaves, slaves buit it all!!

  2. And the regional networks are the worst when it comes to infomercials – especially NBN which shows around 20 hours per week.

    On the Obama Inauguration, I wouldn’t expect Ten to show any coverage other than in their news bulletins because they didn’t show any US Election coverage other than in their news bulletins.

  3. Oh no! How are we meant to get our beloved informercial fill now? I want to know how the acne show ends – Does she get rid of her pimples forever? Does the man actually lose his flab by doing ten situps in a recycled ironing board contraption? …and when will Guthy and Renker make an appearance in their sitcom? So many questions yet to be answered!

    Why do the programmers keep changing the schedule of our beloved shows 😉

    PS. -Anything- is better than those crappy advertorial shows

  4. Zambora, the apparent “fascination” with US politics comes from that it is newsworthy, the fact that Obama’s inauguration is a historically significant event, and that (some) people, such as me (albeit mildly), are actually interested in US politics. And I highly doubt it’s a “fascination” – if it were, we’d be seeing a lot less “cat ran up a tree in Frankston” from 9 and 7’s 6pm bulletin and a bit more world news.

  5. knoxoverstreet

    I agree it has been so dull recently after the boom years of Clinton. It’s great to see someone like Obama breathe new life into US politics and America in general after Bush/Republicans all but destroyed Americas reputation abroad.

  6. Finally an American President not from Washington old school and has the chance to change the world. An American President who is intelligent, has great ideas and will hopefully help bring the world together and put an end to anit-americanism everywhere.

    It deserves significant air time. You never got this sort of attention before! I think, however, one channel should offer alternative viewing (and I don’t mean the usual informecials 1-3am!).

  7. What is fascination with Aussie networks coverage of Us politics.
    they seem to avoid the situation with our neighbours in Asia.
    Me, totally fed up with US poltics.
    Geez, 2 year election then after he get the vote, another 60 days before he can start – why ?

  8. what could they possibly be doing from 10:55 – 3am?

    will any networks be broadcasting the american coverages like they did with the election. or is that what 9 are doing and just having karl’s voiceover every few mins. can’t imagine them spending the money making their own 6.5 hour broadcast for something at that time of night.

  9. How many hours did the networks devote to Australia’s equivalent of its inauguration last year (or was it in 2007)?

    Certainly not 6.5 hours. Perhaps 10 mins of a news broadcast if that!

    Evan :-p

  10. Im really looking forward to this actually, im in QLD so the actual ceremony will be at 3am our time but im going to drag myself out of bed to watch it…

  11. will also air on foxtel’s new channel a-span and presumably skynews does anyone know if a-span will also be available on optus. i have emailed them but received no reply.

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