No Temptation in this finale

Temptation has undergone another programming change which is downright insulting for its final (ever) episode.

Previously it was set to limp out at 10:00pm Friday January 23rd.

Now it’s ending on the same day -at 11:30am in the morning.

Very disappointing.

In the evening Nine is expected to have cricket and movies.

For a show with such a long history as Temptation / Sale of the Century it’s a dreadful exit. Seems there’s no such thing as a graceful exit in television anymore.

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  1. Nine has lost it’s marbles.

    The Only Thing I ever watch on there are Getaway,Airline and Airport when those shows were on.Going Places,Ladette to Lady as well as Hi 5/Humphrey Bear episodes even though in the case of those I am not a Parent of Small Children.

    What they need is a 90210/OC type offering at that time of night for those of us fed up of tripe such as Home and Away but at the same time something the younger generation can also relate to.

  2. I for one would like Two and a Half Men sent to the scrapheap where it belongs.

    Those Episodes have been done to death many times over.

    Temptation was one of those shows and this goes back to the Days of Sale of the Century that makes all of us smarter.I would rather have an intelligent game show than some crappy US Sitcom in the early evening timeslot.

    Even better make a 21st Century Price is Right and put that on at 7pm when your precious Two and a Half Men Episodes Run Out.

  3. And another thing: there was a time that American sitcoms only filled in 7pm (and similar) time slots over summer. 2.5 men and similar don’t belong in 7pm during ratings time, and they only rate due to a lack of options as H&A is not for everyone.

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