Returning: Elephant Princess

Children’s drama Elephant Princess is returning to TEN in early February, but appears to have undergone a downgrade in timeslots.

Last year the drama from Jonathan M Shiff productions was screening at 4pm weekdays on TEN.

From Saturday February 7th it returns, but at 8:30am.

It will be followed by Totally Wild, Dex Hamilton and Video Hits.

There are a total of 26 half hour episodes of the series about Alex Wilson (Emily Robins) as a girl who wants to make it in a band, until an exotic young man (Miles Szanto)  arrives to tell her she’s really a princess from the Kingdom of Manjipoor.

Damien Bodie also features.


  1. I was looking forward to the next season for a long time…i’m so excited about this season..just so happy that alex & kuru are back together at last..after what seemed to be an eternity! Just lovvvveee them! And hoping to see them together soon! <3 <3 <3

  2. i was very suprised to find out that this was a australian production. it is one of the best produced childrens tv series out there. the filming, acting, stage design, graphics are up with the best that the USA could produce, (even better). give your selves a big pat on the back for this one. i as a parent really enjoyed watching this with my child, so much so that we are waiting for the complete season to come out on DVD.

  3. I am just glad that the show has returned to grace our TV’s. I’ve been searching the depths of google for weeks on end trying to find any traces of this show on any TV guides coming up without success. Thank the lord for TV Tonight.

  4. No worse than Ten filling their first run Australian documentary quota with Saturday afternoon screenings of “Totally Australia”. They are forced to show documentries and children’s drama but their treatment of the programs show they just do it because they have to.

  5. Not really a downgrade but this is part of Ten’s plans to get rid of children’s programming from the afternoon timeslots. No more kid’s shows at 4pm weekdays but they have extended Saturday morning viewing for children. The other victim in all this is ‘Video Hits First’ which screened early on Saturday mornings. They’ve gone back to having only one Video Hits show now. Nathan Sapsford left and Fuzzy takes over.

    The Elephant Princess a great show. It might actually get more viewers on a Saturday morning, including older viewers who may not have been able to watch it in the afternoons.

  6. finally some news, they advertised that it was moving to be part of a kids block of programming on every day in the morning for various lengths of time but never said when this was starting from, there were weeks of not knowing anything. how hard would it have been to tack on the words “beginning in february” just to clear up confusion. they advertised it was moving but since it didn’t do so immediately and they didn’t advise when it would i’m sure many people will forget about the shows and/or gave up checking the guides a few weeks ago.

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