Second series for Merrick & Rosso

merrickrosso1The Comedy Channel has approved a second series of The Merrick and Rosso Show.

The Comedy Channel’s Alex Ristevski said: “After series one delivered the highest ratings of any program in the history of The Comedy Channel it wasn’t a case of ‘will we’ but rather ‘how soon can we’ begin Series Two?

“Merrick and Rosso are one of the best comedy double acts this country has seen and we are delighted to continue our association with them. I am also proud to further The Comedy Channel’s commitment to quality local comedy production.”

Success for the radio pair has been elusive on television, with two previous comedy projects on networks Nine and TEN. It looks like they have found their home with the channel where they first started in 2003. Last year Watts also appeared on the ABC’s The Hollowmen.

Merrick said: “The first series was awesome fun so we can’t wait to do another season. Also I stacked into Brian Walsh’s car in the Foxtel car park so I have to work off the debt.”

Rosso added: “When The Comedy Channel told us we had managed to break all their records we didn’t believe them. We still don’t.

“We are very excited by some of the new things in this second series. Segments like ‘Home Surgery for the Blind’, ‘Celebrity Divorce Court on Ice’ (not the Disney kind) and ‘Surprise, Surprise, You’re Adopted!’. We’re just waiting on Foxtel to approve them.”

The pair will return mid 2009 with their second season.


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