Seven joins inauguration party

Seven is the final network to announce its plans for the Inauguration of Barack Obama.

It will screen from 3am – 6am hosted by Natalie Barr and Mike Amor both in Washington DC. There will be crosses to reporter Rahni Sadler on the parade route. Sunrise will be hosted by Natalie Barr live from Washington with Melissa Doyle and Larry Emdur in Sydney.

All our networks will now cover this historic event at the Capitol Building, with only one delayed (SBS).

Start times in AEDT are as follows:

Tue Jan 20
9pm SKY News US Presidential Inauguration
10:55pm Nine News Special (Karl Stefanovic and Robert Penfold in Washington DC)

Wed Jan 21
1:30am TEN News Special
3:00am Seven News Special (Natalie Barr and Mike Amor in Washington DC)
3:25am ABC1 The Inauguration of President Obama (Barrie Cassidy in Washington DC)
12:30pm SBS Obama Inauguration highlights
3:00pm SBS Obama Inaugural Celebration concert (repeated 10pm Sat Jan 24)

For more detailed info on each network please check earlier posts via category tags.


  1. Watching the SBS concert and one thing I noticed is it started early (1:30 pm) but also was not exactly HD even by 720 standards. It was 16×9 but looked fuzzy, I have to wonder did they just push the image to crop the top and bottom cause this is really poor quality for such and event.

  2. Ch7 should have dropped Alias and other shows on HD and crossed to the coverage, I mean wasn’t this the point of having multi channels on “FreeView” so they can show things like this plus continue their regular programs?

    People wanting to watch would just switch to ch9 or the others.

  3. Don’t know why ch7 would not start their coverage earlier rather than having infomericals from 2am – 3am as those of us who will be staying up for it would already be watching on another network then and probably stick to it.

  4. Seven will simply be hoping that the men’s singles match (at the Australian Open) on Tuesday night doesn’t go to five sets, otherwise it will miss out on parts of the inauguration.

  5. Oh dear, looks like everyone on theObama train.
    Nice to see irishbabe praising Nine again and having digs at others, although hardly call Nine’s American afflilate ABC news as the best.

  6. well finally they jumped on the ship. they will stuff it up like they always do by have 20 ad breaks during his speach. so we will miss about a half of his speach if you watch 7

  7. I absolutely agree with you Kuttsywood! – It sure is a poor showing of the # 1 network for news and current affairs!

    Nine is showing initiative (which is extremely pleasing to see), with arguably the best coverage of the US Election of all free to air tv, and President Elect Barrack Obama’s inauguration party!

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