Sneak Peek: Sunday Night

chrisbath2There are more “Sneak Peeks” coming from Seven, this time for Sunday Night.

Set to screen from Sunday onwards, these five minute teasers will be dotted across next week right up to Sunday morning February 8th -the day Seven is yet to officially confirm the show will launch.

Mike Munro and Chris Bath will both appear in the promos.

They air as follows:

Sun Feb 1 6:30pm
Wed Feb 4 5:25am
Fri Feb 6 5:25am
Fri Feb 6 8:30pm
Sun Feb 8 5:55am

On top of the Gangs of Oz and Triple Zero Heroes Sneak Peeks there is also one for Desperate Housewives at 1:55pm Monday Feb 2nd.

Expect Seven to confirm its line-up for Sunday February 8th by the end of today.


  1. From the latest sneak preview, the Britt Lapthorne story is looking quite interesting and seems like a better quality report (more newsworthy less “entertainment” than Sixty Minutes). I’ll be tuning in to see if it delivers.

  2. Indeed Jerome. A sneek peak by most peolpes standards is a quick, usually 5 min preview of a new show… not a whole episode! That’s what someone would call a premiere… though on 9 shows barely ever stay in the same timeslot so they try to flog the ‘sneek peak’ line.

    Based on tonights sneek peak, Sunday Night looks like a very impressive production with high quality stories. The Britt Lapthorne story is quite a scoop, the huge aud that was probably tuning into the tennis probably thought so too. Sunday Night could be the 60 Minutes killer this year…

  3. @SMC “Afterall Nine were the one’s who initiated the term ’sneak peak’ having gotten the ball rolling back from Hole In The Wall!”

    i can clearly remember 5 minute sneak peeks for dancing on ice, celebrity survivor, last years SYTYCD, biggest loser most years, and the first seasons of lost, desperate housewives, house, CSI:NY, even fringe had one after 60 mins. <and they’re just the ones i’ve seen, Hole in the wall was far from the one to initiate the term

    instead of 9 doing this silly definition changing they should have called it a “preview episode” or sample or something like that.

    i too think interpret a sneak peek as a 5 minute promo, don’t know why ch9 bothers with there new type of sneak peek, they clearly don’t work.

  4. Sneak peak equates more to 5 minutes to me than showing a full episode.
    And as for which network or show did first sneak paek – who knows or who cares

  5. Spunkymonkeycaesar

    Brodie that is only your opinion, that “This is what is classified a sneek peak.” – Nine have just as much right as any other network or person to their own interpretation of the term ‘sneak peak’ and obviously showing an entire episode of a series is their interpretation, as opposed to Seven and Ten’s interpretations being 5 mins… Afterall Nine were the one’s who initiated the term ‘sneak peak’ having gotten the ball rolling back from Hole In The Wall!

    And R, Craig probably is being dead serious – My grandparents asked me what the whole go was with Sunday Night, thinking that Seven’s Sunday Night News would be read by both Chris Bath and Mike Munro, however much to their dismay it is a current affairs program, to hit back at Nine’s 60 Minutes…

  6. The ch7 website now has a link for the new show, not sure how long it has been there but now this website for Sunday Night shows that it begins 8th Feb 6:30pm

  7. aswell as the ad for this show at 6.30, i also saw the ad for 000heroes after the sunday news, that said ‘sunday 8.00 after the tennis’. so i guess that means border security will be in the 7.30 slot?

  8. Gerrard, they’ve already started, it’s quite funny actually they actually say “sunday night 6:30 after the tennis” at that bottom. surely they can just have the logo and say “6:30”

    i think the promos are quite good. especially the new ones with the bongo drum music.

  9. I saw a promo late last night during Australian Open on Seven, which said Sunday Night would begin “after the tennis” at Sunday 6.30pm. I assume it would be February 8.

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