Sneak Peeks: Gangs of Oz, Triple Zero Heroes

Seven boosts the plugs for its two new factuals, which indicates the two presenters: Matt White and Johanna Griggs.

matt-whiteSeven has added several “Sneak Peeks” of its two new factual shows, Gangs of Oz and Triple Zero Heroes.

Unlike Channel Nine’s confusing terminology, these last just five minutes each.

Of most interest are the names attached to the two previews.

Matt White for Gangs of Oz and Johanna Griggs for Triple Zero Heroes.

Logic would suggest both are the narrators / presenters for the shows.

The “Sneak Peeks” air at the following times (Melbourne):

Gangs of Oz
Fri Jan 30 9:25pm
Sat Jan 31 10:55pm
Sun Feb 1 10:25pm

Triple Zero Heroes
Sat Jan 31 6:30pm
Sun Feb 1 6:30pm
Mon Feb 2 10:25pm
Tue Feb 3 1:55pm
Tue Feb 3 10:25pm
Wed Feb 4 11:15pm

Seven also bumps Coastwatch and Outback Wildlife Rescue out of schedule on Saturday 31st / Sunday 1st both replaced by Hot Property at 6:35pm.

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  1. You only need to take a look at the details of bushwalker David Iredale’s death in 2006 to see how stupid, irresponsible, uncaring & incompetent many 000 personnel really are! This wasn’t just 1 problem or error – years later the same procedures that led to his & other people deaths in similar predicament still continues today!
    How can these people go to work day after day with peoples Blood On Their Hands & follow the same steps that have lead to the death of other people?
    And now years later they are coming out & blaming the Computer System!
    Why didn’t they do something about it or at least be seen to be doing something about it years ago?
    What they can’t speak up? They can’t pass on the information to other emergency departments? They Can’t write with pen & paper?
    I look forward to the day when these low lifes are sued for millions of dollars by the victims families!

  2. oi stanchez? grow up, seriously. could you imagine if you were dying somewhere and there was no such thing as tripple zero, what would you do then? absolutely nothing, youd die. these call takers are saving peoples lives everyday, just like lifesavers. could you imagine the world without lifesavers? its exactly the same as call takers.

    dont be so immature.

  3. I bet that there are more uf us out there like Erika .when the add for triple zero heros comes on I am sick to the stomach and it brings back the memories of the day that I rang them and were given such a hard time to both my husband and I (he threw the phone down the hall in disgust) where it stayed for a long time till someone else picked it up after the ambulance had arrived( they were good it was just the person? on the phone who upset us eveen more) I still have trouble sleeping and the words that she said to me go over and over in my mind all day and night p.s. my 21 year old son passed away 2 years 3 months and 17 days ago they said that they were retraing her but it’s too late for us and probably many many others like us!!!!!!! by the way james I was not screaming .I remember taking big breaths before dialing and speaking very clearly !!!!!!!!

  4. omg ive had this on my nerves all this week
    if u watched the episode of triple zero heroes on the 22 feb , u no at the end when it has ” nxt time on tripke zero heroes” and it tells you the 2 stories?.
    well i remember one: and its where the girl is giving birth in the car , but the 2nd story has been bugging me soo bad !!
    anyone know what it i s?
    thanks 🙂

  5. All I think is if you don’t like those shows…. don’t watch them…..

    I was in a severe emergency situation in Feb last year and ok while at the time at the start was frustrated at having to give such details which seemed fruitless as was nearly drowing and kept hangin up so I could hang onto the tree…. but my call taker kept calling back and she did the most amazing job of hanving in there with us and calming us donw and got emergency crews directly to us in pitch black and in the middle of nowhere….. she did a fantastic job and it was cos of her we had the guts to hang on …. we wanted to just let go cos we didnt think we could hold on anymore….. because of her we survived…. and of course the awesome work of the rescuers….. I only hope to one day meet my triple zero hero.

  6. i never made it to the ambulance service. the phone rang over 35 seconds (i have a timer on the phone) after the operator picked up and asked police ambulance or fire. the operator insisted for me to stay on the phone and wait while my partner was dying.

    when 000 is dialed it should go straight to a trained call centre person that can handle any call as soon as phone is answered. the system we are using is over 15 years old when an operator screens call then passes it on. in life or death situation seconds are critical.

    this would not have happened with the 911 system in the states. you go straight to medical train personnel and they then route call to if needed to fire or police or they assist if medical emergency. if they feel all 3 services need to be dispatched they can do it from their screen. our system maybe saving lives, but it is also killing people too.

    by the way i am medically trained.

  7. The last comment on 000 heroes i couldnt believe. I am a 000 calltaker with the N.S.W Ambulance service Sydney Operations Centre and have been ( in april ) for 20 years. Obviously she was one of many callers who would not listen to life saving instructions or think that when they scream,yell,or say their address too fast, then think that an ambulance is screaming to them must be on another planet.I thought the show was fantastic. The first call actually gave me goose bumps i couldnt belive it. I and my colleagues have heard it all but when you get to see the other side of the call while its happening even though its a re enactment makes it all that more intense and exiting to watch. Talk about reality you guys have hit the nail on the head. Keep up the good work. James

  8. triple 000 hero’s? what a joke. my partner was dying and i was able to get her breathing and thought she was stable enough to call 000. over 35 seconds and no answer i left information with operator who would not take it. i went back to my partner and she had stopped breathing again. i got her restarted again and tried 000. once again over 35 seconds and could no longer wait and left info with operator and grabbed the mobile phone to call a friend. i got back to the bedroom and she had stopped breathing again and was starting to turn blue and between doing mouth to mouth and cardiac compressions i had a friend call and have them (000) dispatched. i could not get her restarted this time and they were no help. 000 you are no hero to me or my family!!!! please don’t fill us with bulldust on how good these people are.

  9. Here is a sneak preview of Triple Oh Heros (because Zero is American, really why dont they just call it Rescue 911!!!)

    Caller – Is this Triple Zero?
    000 – No its Triple Oh but since its an emergency we will let it slide this time. What is the emergency?
    Caller – I just ran over th guy who is charge of the reality programing at Channel 7.
    000 – Did you back over him?
    Caller – No.
    000 – Can you?
    Caller – I guess.
    000 – Good. Nobody likes a job half done.


  10. Does Seven really needs that many sneak peeks of Gangs of Oz and Triple Zero Heroes? On the subject of Coastwatch being bumped, it was made to accommodate Hot Property, which was shown in Sydney and Melbourne last Sunday due to the tennis overrun. Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth will all have Australian Open coverage starting at 6.30pm local time (the women’s final and the men’s final will both be shown on delay in Perth and live in Brisbane and Adelaide according to Yahoo7 TV Guide).

  11. Im assuming the terrible slots for the sneak peaks of Gangs of Oz are because they’ll be rated M like the show itself.

    I’m looking forward to ‘Gangs’, looks very interesting. 000 Heroes.. not so much.

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