Sports Selector channel disappears

The interactive Sports Selector channel vanishes but it's to make way for new channels, says Foxtel.

Channel 500 on Foxtel, the interactive Sports Selector channel, disappeared from the airwaves yesterday.

It showcased Foxtel’s nine existing sports channels in one split screen. The channel could be watched in its split screen format or be used as a navigation tool allowing subscribers to select and move between the sports channels.

“From today the Sports Selector on channel 500 is no longer available,” a Foxtel spokesperson told TV Tonight.

“Foxtel has made this change in preparation to provide even greater choice for subscribers through new channels (including additional HD channels) and more interactive services this year. Subscribers can still access all nine sports channels on Foxtel simply by selecting the applicable channel number or using the onscreen TV Guide.”

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  1. They are now displaying Ch. 500 as a Vancouver 2010 Preview channel. One would assume that once the games are over around end of Feb/Start of march, it will return to its usual function, just in time for new NRL and ARL seasons.

  2. “…in preparation to provide even greater choice…”

    Why don’t they just drop it when the new channels/”services” are actually released rather than beforehand. Not that I have Foxtel anyway…

  3. “There was really no need for it anyway. They need to update the big channels from 4:3 to 16:9 ratio (TV1, Arena, Comdedy), not rehash a guide just for sport.”

    ITA, they need to give viewers better quality to what we have, not more channels we are less likely to watch.

  4. Hooray, I hated this channel so much. Accidentally going to it instead of one of the Fox Sports, and you have to spam the Foxtel and Back buttons for a couple seconds to get out of it before it loads.

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