Superstars of Dance for Nine

NBC’s Superstars of Dance is headed for Nine.

As reported last week, the show, which features dancers from competing countries, will feature Australians Henry Byalikov, Australian Dance Theatre, Kellie Abbey as a judge and Jason Gilkinson as Australia’s dance coach.

The show starts today in the US, though Nine is yet to declare its airdate here.

Nine’s Head of Acquisitions, Les Sampson, said: “Despite very competitive bidding from all the local commercial networks, we are thrilled to have added this exciting new series to Nine’s slate for 2009. Taking into account its producers and format, it’s sure to be a massive hit with audiences in Australia and internationally.”

Given the immediacy of the show, Nine will need to jump on this quick smart. If Australia is eliminated early in the contest it will surely be news here and the appeal of the show could plummet quick smart.

Press Release:
Channel Nine announced today the acquisition of the electrifying new series, Superstars of Dance, from the makers of the world’s biggest hit TV shows – American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

Superstars of Dance brings together dance teams from eight countries – South Africa, Russia, Ireland, Argentina, China, India, USA and Australia – to compete in the biggest international television dance competition ever, to claim the title of the best dancers in the world.

Each country’s team will feature a soloist, duet, group of dancers and a coach – who will compete against each other in various dances from traditional to contemporary.

Irish dancing phenomenon, Michael Flatley, will host this thrilling new entertainment show, which premieres in the United States today.

Says producer Nigel Lythgoe, “This is the most challenging and exhilarating project I’ve ever done. Nothing of this magnitude has ever been attempted before on television. We are bringing to television different cultural styles of dancers — each performer the best in their genre — and the sheer mosaic of styles and energy is going to be nothing short of awe-inspiring.”

Nine’s Head of Acquisitions, Les Sampson, said: “Despite very competitive bidding from all the local commercial networks, we are thrilled to have added this exciting new series to Nine’s slate for 2009. Taking into account its producers and format, it’s sure to be a massive hit with audiences in Australia and internationally.”

Superstars of Dance is from Big Red 2 Entertainment. Nigel Lythgoe (American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance) and Simon Fuller (American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance) are the executive producers.

Superstars of Dance will premiere on Nine in early 2009.


  1. Zambora, all I am saying is that everyone is entitled to their opinion. If there are a few people who are avid Channel Nine fans, to the point where they find fault with all other channels except Nine, then so be it. Not everyone hates Channel Nine.

    On topic, I forgot to say that Nine better schedule this quick-smart or it’ll become old news before they know it. Also, I’m just imagining what it would be like if TEN, Nine and Seven were to schedule SYTYCD, SOD and Dancing with the Stars at the same time… Bloodbath! LOL Pity there’s no chance of that happening (DWTS will be on later in 09 probably).

  2. Tepee, it is not Nine bashing.
    I like a few others just notice that “4 posters” all post pro Nine stuff all the time and can find no fault with that network.They bash all other networks over any topic like programming changes,material,hosts etc, yet when Nine does something stupid like Flashpoint eps being shown out of order (not one of them posts in that thread)
    there are numerous examples in past few months but the past 2 weeks it has gone beyond a joke.
    The vast majority of posters to this site , can find fault and praise for all networks but for these 4 users that is not the case.
    Anyway back to topic Superstars for Dance still seems better fix for Ten.
    knoxoverstreet says Nine has hip young audience, yet can’t (or won’t) explain Gossip Girl axing by Nine or disasters like Monster House,Hole in Wall, The Strip.
    Go figure !

  3. Just noticing the trend of “Nine-bashing” has turned into the “Anyone-who-has-the-opinion-that-there-is-even-one-measly-thing-that’s-good-about-Channel-Nine-bashing”, if that makes sense. Perhaps the acquisition could attract some “hip younger viwers”. Perhaps Nine is broadening its horizons. Although I do agree with JB that the inevitable SYTYCD references might confuse viewers or just give Ten a bit of free ad space. LOL

  4. knoxoverstreet, so Nine has all the hip younger viewers (gossip girl gone eh !!)
    BTW, why did you resort to a bash seven comment in this thread ?
    I agree with lee123 and edu in their comments though – better suite to Ten’s demographics and will folks watch when Aussie dancers get knocked out in week 2
    P.S. Dance shows I avoid unless it is on ABC (for the commentary and professionailsm) or sometimes Dancing with stars on 7 if nothing else on.

  5. is it wrong that my interest in this show just dropped because its on 9. they just won’t appreciate it as much as ten would have.

    that seems to be my attitude to everything on 9 these days, they certainly need to work on their likability.

  6. sorry to be off topic.

    so is that confirmed that sunday night will be at 6:30? well i guess that is the smartest. 60 mins might be in trouble this year.

    also does anyone know if the reporters/host(s) been confirmed?

    ch9 has heaps more shows that should take priority in the 8:30 sunday slot: CSI, the mentalist, 11th hour. i’d assume dance will go to a weekday possibly tues, thats where DWTS scored 2mil+

  7. This is gonna be weird. With Nigel Lithgoe, Jason Gilkinson, Kellie Abbie and Henry, it’s like a who’s who of SYTYCD. Will it just feel like we’re watching Channel 10 on Channel 9? Surely there will be many references made to SYTYCD Australia littered throughout the show?

  8. Indeed David. I have long speculated Sunday Night will be going to 6.30. Would undermine 60 Minutes without actually going head to head with it, and coming out a consistantly strong 7 news lead in.

    Anyways, I can’t see this Dance show going to Sunday, it would get pumped by SYTYCD. I’m thinking 9 will schedule this on either Tuesday or possibly Thursday.

  9. knoxoverstreet

    It’s pretty much a given Sunday..oops sorry Sundae lol..Night will air at 7.30. Either 9 or 10 would be the ideal home for this as they have the young audience,7s audience is far too old and only watches stuff like DWTS. So it should work on 9 which has all the hip younger viewers.

    Seven bosses must be livid they lost this to Nine.

  10. Kuttsywood: Superstars of Dance is shown on NBC but not produced by NBC. It is made by independent production company Big Red 2 as said in the second last paragraph of Nine’s press release. Australian networks had to negotiate directly with Big Red 2.
    I agree that if Nine decides to put Superstars of Dance up against SYTYCD, there could be dance fatigue and both programs will suffer audience losses.

  11. the best home for this would have been TEN, because they will easily be able to attract the right audience through SYTYCD. or atleast on 7 where henry is signed to.

    ch9 will have difficulty attracting a crowd to this and will probably be shafted to 10:30 or just dissapear. which will be unfortunate.

    all the competition shows have only ever been sucessful on 7 and 10, idol, loser, SYTYCD, DancingWTS, IT2, Australias got talent. 9 never seems to get it right, does anyone remember dancing on ice, celebrity circus.

  12. It has to air soon as David has mentioned, given its currency, audience won’t tune in if Aus has been eliminated in the early part of the game or the winner has already been announced (whichever comes first).

  13. It will be interesting to see what they do with it. If they air it at the same time as SYTYCD will the audience get dancing fatigue. But the longer they sit on it it will be old as it is currently screening in the US.

    And people are unlikely to watch if they already know the winner.

    Lulu you forgot to mention that other Channel 9 trick or burying it in a 10.30pm time slot and keep on changing the night it is shown

  14. Sad that Nine has it… I have this bad feeling that they are going to put it off until Feb when SYTYCD Australia starts, in an attempt to compete. Or will they do a Pushing Daisies and promote it, but not air it for a year and then sell it? Or will it go the way of other shows and we’ll just have an episode or two? Sigh.

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