TEN movies: About a joke


How many times MUST we put up with About a Boy, please Channel TEN?

It’s been scheduled AGAIN for 8:30pm Sunday January 18!

Could somebody from TEN Programming go down to the local video shop and move on to the letter “B” in the catalogue please?

Summer or no summer, Nicholas Hoult (Skins) or no Nicholas Hoult, this is banal. We’re really starting the year off well at some networks.


  1. I must admit to actually watching this for the first time this airing, but that was mainly because I’d caught half the movie in Italian on January 1st when I was over there, so I wanted to see what I’d missed! I don’t have a people meter, though, so I didn’t contribute to the ratings 😉

  2. Woah! Channel Ten needs to f***ing calm the f**k down. I think they’ve really got their money’s worth with About a Boy, maybe they should try playing a few other classics like School of Rock or Mean Girls. Oh thats right, they already play them every f***ing second…

  3. lameboyadvance

    Whats wrong with the Back to the Future trilogy? I love them.
    …But yes, Ten needs to add some more movies to their playlist, or at least make sure its set to random.

  4. yes gaius don’t get your panties in a twist, i was not trying to be nasty so why are you? i was simply trying to state the truth. and i didn’t spend good money on it cos i don’t think it was that great a film, i have hundreds of dvds which i have paid for, and now i own everything i think is worth my money except new stuff as it comes out. but there are other films that come on tv that i wouldn’t mind having but not enough to spend money, $1 for a blank dvd is a lot less than $15 especially when the number of movies starts to add up. and it is perfectly legal so i feel no guilt at all, some downloading is illegal but recording off tv is not so why should i not utilise the equipment i spent good money on.

  5. And on topic, yes this movie is woefully paltry and overplayed. I’m pretty sure someone said this movie’s been played 5 times in the past 3 years, there’s no way its that low, its on at least once every 3 months. And yes it is terrible. And for once I seem to agree with Knoxoverstreet, Coming to America and Kindergarten Cop are great films to be repeated, I haven’t seen either of them on in quite a while.

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