The Tudors to wrap after Season 4

As series two nears its end in Oz, writer Michael Hirst indicates two more seasons for bad boy Henry VIII.

In Australia we’re nearly halfway through the life of The Tudors, according to what writer Michael Hirst has said to reporters in LA.

While Showtime is screening season two here, a third season premieres in the US in April, that will cover Henry VIII’s third and fourth marriages. Singer Joss Stone makes her acting debut as wife No. 4, Anne of Cleves. This week Jonathan Rhys-Meyers missed out on a Golden Globe award.

But Hirst indicated the series would conclude in 2010. He said producers hope to make nine or 10 episodes for the series’ fourth and final season.

“I’ll be out of wives,” he said.

Once it concludes Hirst said he’ll try to stay in business with cable network Showtime on a new series about Camelot featuring Merlin, a young King Arthur and the other familiar characters. Hmm, that will interest that other young Merlin, surely…

The third series is only eight episodes long instead of ten.

“Because of the collapse of the dollar,” said Hirst.

Series two ends on Showtime (Aus) on January 28th.

Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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  1. Best Production! Best Scenery! Best Costumes! Best Music! Best Acting! Best Story! Congratulations to all for the most exciting and riveting series ever produced! You all deserve oscars – especially the lead character – Jonathan Rhys-Meyers….what a performance!!! Stunning! But wow….how do you match that in other future productions Jonathan?! What a brilliant start to your career.

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