The Zoo to open at 5pm

Nine has opted against a plan to screen NZ factual series The Zoo at 5:30pm next Monday.

Instead it will screen at 5pm, with Antiques Roadshow staying put at 5:30pm.

While some of us were pleased to see Nine making moves on the pre-News timeslot, it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to disrupt things for three weeks if it is planning to address the slot with more sweeping changes once ratings return on February 8th. “If” being the operative word of course…

No change for Brissy viewers.

The Zoo is a long-running series in its 10th series.


  1. Mrb, yes as RichoTB pointed out the Australian series which airs on Seven is based on the long running New Zealand series which Nine is about to air.

    You have been watching the British series Zoo Days on ABC2 which began on 17 November.

  2. @mrb, gee i never realised that there was a third version of the show on australian television. how the hell did they end up on 3 different networks.

  3. What they should have done is to try the zoo and temptation from 5pm to 6pm during the non ratings and see what happened it couldn’t do much worse that AR

  4. Never understood why AR was on in the first place, and why it continues to be on. Appeal is very small and it lets their news down. Even worse having it 1 hour a day. One hour big commitment that time of day. At least 10 news you can watch half of if you chose. Hope they have better plans when ratings start.

  5. What a stupid idea. Why not try it in the 5 30 slot. They dont have a lot to loose at this stage. I’m sure that it would rate just as well if not better than AR, and it would also skew more to the younger audiences.

  6. just don’t get it.
    Why not try total revamp – dump antiques completely and go “the zoo” and “another vet style show from 5-6 pm… or go back to childrens television.
    Anyway 5-6 isTen news for me when I watch.

  7. they may aswell have taken a chance during non-ratings, now they go into the new year with no alternatives or backups. god forbid they experiment during ratings. antiques hasn’t set the bar very high.

    i think “the zoo” was a bad idea to start with but they definately should have tried something new this summer, especially if they are serious about improving their news.

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