Time ticks down to 24

Seven will launch season seven of 24 straight after the tennis. And here's a few other goodies they promise.

In response to questions from die-hard fans waiting for their legal dose of Jack Bauer, TV Tonight can now confirm that season seven of 24 (which started this week in the US) will have a 2 hour premiere in the week of February 1st.

As hinted, the 24: Redemption telemovie re-screening is another chance to help explain the vast time that has disappeared since season six in 2007. Bauer now has to contend with no CTU, a new female President and a bunch of new cast members.

Early in its ratings season, Seven will also return the following shows.

New Seasons:
Scrubs, 30 Rock, Boston Legal, All Saints: Medical Response Unit, How I Met Your Mother, Brothers and Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, 24, Eli Stone.

Season Returns
City Homicide, Criminal Minds, Packed To The Rafters, Ghost Whisperer.

Dirty Sexy Money, interupted by the tennis, resumes February 3rd.

More announcements still to come.

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  1. That is excellent to hear about 24! It is my single favourite show and i was wondering how long i would have to wait, if it was over two months i was just going to view the season online.
    In the article, by two hour premiere, do they mean the 2 night, 4 hour premiere? where they screen two episodes one night, and then another two episodes a night or two after, just as they did with both seasons 5 and 6, and as the US have been doing since season 4.

  2. oh i really hope Lost starts soon. i think the best way for 7 to execute it would be:
    Tue Feb3 – still non-ratings, no Allsaints yet, they should air the ep1+2 starting at 9:30
    Thurs Feb5 – 10:30 ep3
    Tue Feb10 – 10:30 ep4
    Thu Feb12 – 10:30 ep5 on a super fasttrack and then once a week from then on and they can move on with whatever they have planned for tues 10:30

    i don’t think that’s to much to ask and it will benefit the show a lot if it is aired hours after it does in the US.

  3. well with recent annoncement taken into account i would say:
    Sun: sunday night, AGT, City homicide, bones?, scrubs?, 30rock?
    Mon: border, 000heroes, desperate housewives, brothers&sisters, Boston legal
    Tues: RSPCA, Find my family, PTTR, Allsaints, eli stone?
    Wed: HIMYM, earl, Criminal minds, gangs of oz, medical emergency, 24
    Thurs: Ghost, greys, Practice, Lost

    it leaves out amazing race, lipstick jungle, and heroes i’m not sure if bones is up for Feb. i don’t like the idea of ghost at 7:30 wouldn’t be a good lead out but it doesn’t really fit anywhere else.

    greysfan, its almost certain that sunday night will be an hour and moving border to a sunday would be a big move. and AGT was announced for sunday ages ago (then again so was DH and greys, so you could be right there)

  4. First off its great 24 and Eli Stone are coming. I knew 24 would have to be but Eli Stone i thought was a slim chance.

    Now to some comments made about Sevens Schedule. Here is what i think will be close to what seven will do. I dont think for a second that Greys will get 9:30pm Sunday. In a way it makes sense as it was on Sunday last year but there is a lot of chatter out there that it is moving to Thursdays, of course though it is unconfirmed.

    Sundays – Sunday Night, Border Security, 000 Heroes, City Homicide, 9:30pm: ???
    Mondays – RSPCA Animal Rescue, Find My Family, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Boston Legal
    Tuesdays – AGT, PTTR, All Saints, Eli Stone
    Wednesdays – HIMYM, Earl, Criminal Minds, Gangs of Oz, 24
    Thursdays – Ghost Whisperer, Greys, PP, Lost

    It seems though that all seven do is have us guessing. I just wish they would get their act together and tell us. There should be some sort of law that they have to tell us 1 month in advance or something. Still you cant force them.

  5. 30 Rock returning… at a TV wasteland time of 10:30 onwards almost certainly. I doubt Seven are going to be airing it a reasonable hour. But fingers crossed anyway… (wishful thinking I know!) Glad Eli Stone is returning so quickly but I have a feeling it’ll be at a 10:30 slot, and if it is then that will be worse than putting it on next summer! But I hope RichoTB is right in his prediction that eli will be on at 9:30 Thursday.

  6. I am aware of the situation with Back to You. I don’t watch the other shows you mentioned, but I believe the difference is that Fox had no intention of ever airing the final episodes so they didn’t care if Australia did, and the episodes subsequently ended up on torrents.

    Today I read that the head of ABC plans to air the remaining episodes of the three cancelled series online, so I agree that they won’t care if Seven airs them first. I just think that it is strange that 7 is prioritsing a dead series over fast-tracked Lost or even Heroes. They will now have two quirky legal dramas on at the same time too.

  7. @Belinda: As Neon Kitten said, there’s no issue of an Aussie network running eps of a US series. Just because the US won’t doesn’t mean we’ll follow suit. Some examples are Ten airing 3 unaired Back To You eps after it was cancelled in the US, Seven airing unaired Six Degrees eps last year (I really liked that show, way better than other ABC soaps like Brothers and Sisters and Grey’s), even a New Zealand network aired all the episodes of Men In Trees ahead of the US. I expect we’ll see the conclusions to Dirty Sexy Money and Eli ahead of the US, and it will be ripped and uploaded to torrent sites thereafter

  8. Eli Stone returning now makes no sense, as ABC will not be airing the final episodes until the US Summer. Are Seven going to air them before ABC? Or will it disappear before then? Surely it makes more sense to air season 2 after Boston Legal’s short final season so they can air all episodes together? And that would free up a 10.30 time for Lost.

  9. I don’t think there’s any confirmation of Grey’s 9.30 Sunday. Last I heard City Homicide is going to Sunday 8.30, *likely* leaving Grey’s and Private Practice for Thursday’s 8.30 and 9.30 respectively.

  10. @ stevie g. the 2nd half of 2008 shows are only really in the first half this year because the seasons didn’t finish, they will still have the same amount of city homicide, rafters, and criminal minds for the end of 2009 as well as Thank god, Kath and kim, the pacific, Dancing, bones?, border security and the force. i’d go the point to say that they are loading their 2nd half more than the first, the opposite of 9 and 10.

    i think that that is a killer lineup so far, when the aussie shows are added 7 are looking good for ’09.

  11. Seven seem to be cramming all their hits from the first and second half of 2008, it to the start of 2009. I hope they leave something for the second half of 2009.

    Is Grey’s really going to 9.30 Sundays? If so they may put Private Practice at 10.30 Sundays. I hope Lost gets 9.30 Thursdays.

    Richo, David E kelly has had a string of Legal Dramas, their was LA Law & The Practice as well as those you mention. I agree that he does lose the plot in his shows, that’s why I never bothered with Boston Public. I grew tired of his style. But yeah Eli Stone reminded me soo much of Ally McBeal.

  12. I’ve just read some interesting info about Dirty Sexy Money. According to E Online’s Kristen Dos Santos, ABC has decided not to air the remaining episodes of DSM as well as Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies (sob) until the US winter (i.e. six months away).

    Now, Seven screened episode 7 of DSM this week. In the US, the last episode that aired was episode 9. So it is entirely possible that when DSM returns After The Tennis (TM) we will soon find ourselves watching episodes that haven’t even aired in the US.

    It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened. The final episodes of Point Pleasant and Six Degrees never aired in the US, but did in Australia (with some of those Six Degrees episodes ending up as Australian sourced torrents!)

  13. well that probably makes up about a third of ch7’s feburary lineup and it already looks so much better than 9 and 10’s (especially 9’s). bar all saints and 24 i will be watching them all. i am also interested in 000heroes, australias got talent, RSPCA, Find my family, Private practice and desperate housewives which i have seen adds for.

    Yay for the return of PTTR i have been dying without it.

  14. well that throws my predictions way off. someone at 7 really like ghost whisperer. (why is it listed as a returning season i thought last season was finished on 7.)

    i know where ur coming from about 30 rock jerome, maybe they are planning it to go to 7:30. or am i dreaming?

    there are lots of 9:30-type shows up there. Brothers&sisters for monday, allsaints for tues, Wednesday will probably go to gangs of oz, greys for sunday, thursday is anyones bet between 24, privateP, ghost whisperer, the amazing race, bones and eli stone. that means that a lot of shows will either be promoted or demoted timeslots.

  15. suprised to see ghost whisperer there. also Bones is not there. haven’t seen any adds, maybe they’re holding it for the 2nd half.
    Desperate housewives, private practice, my name is earl and all the returning factuals have all been advertised as “after the tennis” so that list is obviously not complete so there’s probably still a chance that Lost will pop up.

    i’m actually disappointed to see 30rock and scrubs there. that list fills most of the 10:30 slots so i guess they will both go to 11:30, maybe if they held it for later in the year it would get a 10:30 slot.

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