A chance to remember Mark’s work

changi_bigJust a heads up for fans of Mark Priestley.

ABC is currently repeating the miniseries Changi from 2001.

You can catch an episode with Mark titled “Curley”. The synopsis says “While driving, Old Curley is temporarily blinded by the sun, takes a wrong turn and is suddenly back in ‘the hole’ at Changi – a small, dank, underground chamber with very little light.” CAST: Mark Priestley, Slim de Grey, Leon Ford.

It airs 12:40pm Wed February 25 (Tue night).

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  1. I remember watching this the first time around before Mark was a household name. The scenes where he was in the hole (as disturbing as they were) were an absolute stand out for me and have been in my mind ever since. Well done ABC for screening this series again.

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