A new direction

jondutton1This week he had a fleeting cameo in Packed to the Rafters, but now Jonathan Dutton is flexing his creativity and hoping to add directing to his CV.

Dutton, who hit fame playing ‘Tad’ in Neighbours, is back at Ramsay Street, as a Director’s Attachment.

Under a Film Victoria scheme to train emerging production members, Dutton will observe directorial practices with FremantleMedia. While it sounds glamorous, it’s actually a lowly-paid position, but those who are dedicated, like Dutton, can make the most of the opportunity and hopefully open some new doors.

As one who worked on one side of the cameras at TEN, Dutton surely has a prime shot at crossing to the other side of the cameras. In Australia’s highly competitive market, there are more than a few other actors who have expanded into directing in television: Martin Sacks, Nick Buffalo, Daina Reed to name a few.


  1. Thanks for the info. 🙂 Another young actor turned (successful) director in Australia is Jeffrey Walker. I quite miss him as an actor, and I’m pretty sure I will miss Jonathon Dutton too!

  2. Isn’t Cameron Welsh the main director of Home and Away now? He starred on the show years ago as a teenager, but I can’t remember his character’s name.

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