ABC scoops political debate

qa22The ABC has got itself a bit of a scoop on Q&A this Thursday night.

Yesterday it announced its guest line-up for this week’s debate on “The Economy” would include Wayne Swan and Julie Bishop.

By the end of the day Bishop was no longer in the portfolio.

As a result ABC now has the first head-to-head tussle between Wayne Swan and Joe Hockey, the new Shadow Treasurer, live on air.

They will be joined by National Secretary of the Australian Workers’ Union, Paul Howes; Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne; and Kate Carnell, the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Food and Grocery Council.

Hosted by Tony Jones, Q&A includes questions from a studio audience and home viewers via


  1. The show has really hit the ground running with no filler. A great coup for the show getting the first probing of Stocky-hocky in his new troff, I meen portfolio. He is definetely a good performer and will test Swan to breaking point I am sure. No doubt the next pm could be from that awfull, flurescent Sunrise family. What the hell does he meen by mash-up all the time?

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