ACMA: Today Tonight ‘facts’ were inaccurate

ACMA decides a TT story entitled 'What a Disgrace' in 2006 lived up to its own name.

today_tonight_with_naomi_robsonA story on a residential care facility on Today Tonight in 2006 has been found to have breached the Code of Practice for failing to present factual material accurately.

Promos for the show were also found to have been in breach and ATN7 neglected to correct the errors at its earliest opportunity.

The segment, aptly titled ‘What a Disgrace’, reported on an aged care facility run by Residential Gardens for Spanish Speaking Frail Aged Limited.

ACMA ruled that Today Tonight ran inaccurate statements made about the quality of catering, the operating profit of the aged care facility and the amount of money spent on food for residents.

The statement made about the profit was found to be a significant error of fact, which Seven failed to make reasonable efforts to correct at the earliest opportunity.

In 2006 Today Tonight was still being presented by Naomi Robson, who departed the show in December before Anna Coren took over.

But ACMA does not yet intend to take any action in relation to the matter, claiming it is currently in discussions with industry generally around current affairs programs and compliance with the Code.

Source: ACMA

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  1. ACMA.. They just seem to sit around, have cups of coffee and when something comes up and needs to be fixed, well they just seem to do nothing. I dont understand why they exist. TT ran a story on Asians and also Muslims, making them out to be “un Australian”. ACMA did…nothing.

    1. Amongst other things, ACMA responds to complaints that are not resolved between viewers and networks. Which is a good thing. It sounds like this case was pretty ridiculous (taxpayer dollars at work). If you had an issue with TT you need to take it up with Seven in writing, and if unsatisfied with their response it can then be looked at by ACMA. Otherwise there’s not much point in saying they did nothing.

  2. My workplace, a scientific lab, was asked on several occassions to assist TT in their ‘investigations’. We did once, only to find that TT altered the findings to create a more ‘sensational’ story.
    ACA and TT deal in propaganda. They appeal to the lowest common denominator, and tell people what they should be outraged about.

  3. @mac – that’s the story I was talking about

    This is why I don’t watch either unless it’s on a someone else is watching and a story catches my eye, I don’t tune in just for the show.

    Did they even resolve that story about power saving lights killing people?

  4. Sorry for the double comment but when watching TT last night in an adbreak from Neighbours, it amazes me that people with a reputation, like Heather Ridout from the Australian Industry Group, actually participate in being interviewed on that show.

    If people like her – and professors, experts et al – they wouldn’t have as many stories! Stop being interviewed!

  5. just watched a story on the media watch website about an aca story about young australian of the year jonty bush, aca are a disgrace making up stories and lies about this poor women whos sister and father where killed, this is probably the lowest ive seen aca go. great to see media watch uncover the truth and shame this pathetic excuse of a story.

  6. And this is why ACMA is a joke – releasing the results of a report after three years – and weak penalties.

    If they actually did things in a timely way we wouldn’t have to put up with these shit shows.

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