Airdate: After The Fire: An ABC News Special

abcidABC advises it will screen After The Fire: An ABC News Special this Friday at 7:30pm.

The special will air nationally.

Episodes of both Stateline and Collectors will be held over until next week.

Press Release:
At the end of a devastating week for the nation and perhaps the worst in Victoria’s history, ABC News presents a special presentation looking at the stories of survival and recovery emerging from the bushfire disaster.

Tomorrow at 7.30pm on ABC1*, Barrie Cassidy presents a one-hour news special, reflecting on those left injured and homeless, and what lies ahead.

The program will be broadcast from Yea and will look at how people are coping after a week in a disaster zone and dealing with the enormity of the devastation, and how they are planning to rebuild their lives. There will be discussion from local community members about their experiences, as well as debate about the main issues affecting them.

This ABC News special will be streamed live at from 7.30pm (AEST). Segments of the program will be available online as video on demand after the TV broadcast.

Full bushfire news coverage, photos, audio and video go to


  1. Agree with you there Peter. I look forward to an in depth documentary regarding these fires. At the moment it seems to be a media frenzy chasing high drama. Report whats happening on the news. Leave these doco’s for a month or so when a detailed report can be made.
    Unfortunately I think in another month we’ll be back to weight loss and dodgy tradesman stories on ACA and TT.

  2. no im fine with some shows being put put back but im not ok with seeing the same content over and over, im devestated by all of this but i dont need to see it a thousand times, i just want updates, the latest on it all. unlike the ratings grab with their extended coverage which doesnt need to be extended at all.

  3. @ryan,
    worried about your precious TV programming are we, ryan? Worried that all your fave US TV shows have been bumped because of this Devistation, this tragedy people have died, you know? People have lost there Homes, there liveliyhood, Friends,family. I think the last thing on the minds of these people would be when the next episode of Heroes will be shown, or what time will the latest episode of Lost will be shown tonight.
    You and the other people complaing about the amount of coverage the TV networks are giving this – should be ashamed and need to get your priorities right.

  4. i will say it once and i will say it again, the only channel that hasnt milked the fire devistation would be 10. how many shows do we need showing people crying and the destruction of these lives? lucky most these people cant watch the news because you would be reminding them every fkn minute!!! shame on you abc, 7 and 9!

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