Airdate: Carpoolers

carpoolers21I wouldn’t get too excited about this one, but at least it’s on rather late. Seven will screen the sitcom Carpoolers which features Jerry O’Connell in the slot vacated by Dirty Sexy Money.

It screens at 11:30pm Tuesdays beginning March 10th.

The comedy is about the everyday lives of four male suburbanites with different occupations, who took their private lives and issues along for the ride during their daily commute to and from work.

But in the US it only lasted 13 episodes on ABC before it was discontinued.

The show was created by Bruce McCulloch, who also executive produced.


  1. John, the concept of the car is just the way to get the different types of characters together. It actually is a really effective way of giving a show story possibilities. It’s about them at home, their family lives, relationships, the neighbourhood, the business park where they live at and so forth.

  2. I actually quite enjoyed this show. I found some episodes were complete misses, but there are some really funny ones which showed great potential. Part of the problem with networks giving shows a short run, is that there’s no place to develop and find itself.

  3. DSM aired in South Africa, I did not know this. I looked and there is very little info on the show (or I was looking in the wrong places).

    It amazes me how the ‘must see’ show of 07/08 has died so quickly, can it be blamed on the strike or must the show just not lived up to the hype?

  4. RichoTB, Seven aired episode 11 on Tuesday night, the first of the final three episodes that did not air in the US. On this Tuesday coming they will air episode 12 and on Tuesday 3 March they will air the 13th and final episode of season 2 and of the series.

    Craig, as David pointed out, DSM has been airing on the South African subscription television channel M-Net. They aired the final three episodes on 5, 12 and 19 February. We miss out on the world premiere by a mere 12 days.

  5. PS My reaction IIRC after the first episode was ‘Is this a joke? They can’t be serious!”.

    But I knew I was in for a winner after a few eps. Wish it came back.

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