Airdate: Closing the Gap

robertson‘Mr Hypothetical’, Geoffrey Robertson is returning to television, but not where you would expect.

He will host a debate Closing the Gap on the National Indigenous TV (NITV) this Friday.

Robertson’s fiery debates on political and social subjects in the 1980s are still remembered for bringing intelligent television to our screens on the ABC. He last presented a debate “Australia Under Attack” on Sunday in 2005.

On the first anniversary of the Prime Minister’s national apology to the Stolen Generation, Closing The Gap will explore the way forward between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia.

“I am delighted to be able to present our viewers with a Geoffrey Robertson Hypothetical” said NITV CEO Patricia Turner.

“This landmark television event will address important questions and problems for our people. Hopefully it will take us all one step closer to closing the gap.”

In Closing The Gap, Geoffrey Robertson QC will lead a distinguished panel of decision makers and stakeholders through hypothetical scenarios and interactions. The panel is made up of lawyers, cultural brokers, politicians, community representatives and other practitioners, through a range of Indigenous issues and dilemmas that affect all Australians.

Here’s where you can see NITV: NITV broadcasts via direct to home satellite to Indigenous communities at 150 transmission sites in remote areas, including Channel 35 in Mt Isa and Channel 60 in Bourke. NITV is available on various networks throughout Australia, including Channel 180 on Foxtel, Austar and Optus, Channel 40 on Sydney’s digital television service Digital Forty Four, Channel 502 on Transact services in Canberra, Channel 6 on the Neighbourhood Cable service in Geelong, Ballarat and Mildura.

Geoffrey Robertson’s Hypothetical Closing The Gap screens at 8.00pm AESDT on Friday 13 February.


  1. Bring back Geoffrey Robertson’s Hypotheticals. They were great food for thought and discussion and we need more shows that engage our brains and not just our eyes!

  2. This program by Geoffrey Robertson is a worthwhile project. But Robertson, Robert Hughes and Germaine Greer have this habit of being Australian experts – telling us what to do and letting us know how bad we are, when none of them have lived here in decades.

  3. I would love to see one of the commercial networks or ABC give him another show. There are heaps of new issues to debate since we last saw him on tv on Sunday in 2005.

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