Airdate: Customs. Gone: Big Bang Theory

underbelly1Vince Colosimo will narrate Nine’s new factual series Customs, which looks at drug traffickers, people smugglers and international terrorists.

Updated: The series is the combined footage from two UK series purchased by Nine , one which was originally called Border Force, but has been retitled in Oz for obvious reasons.

Publicity notes indicate, “From immigration raids to deporting illegal workers and busting drug smugglers, these dedicated officers are ever vigilant in tracking down and exposing criminal activity at the gateways to the nation.”

The series will air at 8pm Monday Feb 9th on Nine, effectively replacing The Big Bang Theory.

This week Nine has copped quite a bit of criticism over television print guides failing to reflect what ultimately airs, with some even suggesting Nine had put out misinformation to throw the opposition off the scent.

Of course, Seven didn’t confirm its plans for Border Security until Friday either…


  1. God, I’m so sick of the likes of Colosimo, Dimetriades, Howard, McClune, Sweet, Holden and that prancing pretty boy McPherson!
    And all those other low rent Aussie TV actors who’ll never leave these shores and were tiresome a decade ago.
    Is there no other talent, of any age, in this country?
    Must we put up with high pitched, bad acting for all time?

  2. nine have axed an awesome show in the big bang theory. next they will axe two and a half men and all their other comedies to bring in more factual shows like customs and more boring shows. we want something to sit back and enjoy after a long day, not real life shows that are copied on every channel.

  3. 9 seems to be copying a few shows from 7 (especially high rating ones) like Find My Family and Missing Pieces? Now Border and Customs? BBT seemed to be getting a good amount of viewers, why remove it?

  4. Brooke, the story is about Vince narrating a factual show on a similar scale to Border Security, and his role in underbelly is irrelevant.

    Nine promised Chuck and PD for more than 6 months before abandoning plans of ever showing it. I’m sure fans would have appreciated any time, even 10.30, than just more empty promises.

  5. for everyone that actually reads up on their tv you would know that vince colosimo isnt even in underbelly 2 as for it being racist it is a true story so maybe thats just history

  6. If the networks got their butts into gear and had their second SD channel (except OneHD), programs such as The Big Bang Theory and everything else they axe could get put on that, then I really wouldn’t give a rats toss what they axe from their main channel, but no.

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