Airdate: Hollywood Residential

hollywood_residentialAn 8 part comedy series, Hollywood Residential, premieres on Movie Extra next month.

The series is a spoof about a celebrity home makeover shows with its own accident-prone host, Tony played by Adam Paul.

In the first ep the crew is at Paula Abdul’s house to build a dance studio. Tony (Adam Paul) kicks off the episode by nearly cutting off a production assistant’s leg, just one of the many incidents that show producer Don (David Ramsey) has to deal with on the set.

Other celeb homes include Tom Arnold, Carmen Electra, Jamie Kennedy, Beverley D’Angelo and Cheryl Hines.

It premieres Thursday, 19th March at 10:00pm on Movie Extra.


  1. I have to say I’m getting very annoyed with Foxtel.
    Why are they having this show on Movie Extra, it isnt a movie??
    Not all of us can afford the higher packages, I forfit movies & sport because I never watch them, however when they start showing shows on these packages for no reason I think its unfair.
    They are showing the Oscars on the movie channel too, I know its all about movies but why not screen the show at night on Arena or Fox8 – again I have to miss out!!
    Not Happy Jan!!!

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