Airdate: My Teen’s a Nightmare

newtonWe’re seeing a lot of shows that depict bad teenagers lately. Aussie Ladette to Lady starts in two weeks time. Seven has a show in development sending kids to spend time with dominant parents, World’s Strictest Parents.

Even the ABC is getting in on the act, with UK series, My Teen’s a Nightmare. But at least this one seeks to offer some solutions.

Teen expert Sarah Newton (pictured) moves in to sort out misbehaving teens in this 8 part series.

In the first episode 14-year-old Cieran Bamford has a foul mouth, a terrible temper and has been excluded from mainstream school. His bad antics have pushed mum Joanne and step dad Brian to the limit.

In the second ep Newton aims to sort out a 16-year-old troublesome teen Melissa who argues about everything and hates her stepfather.

It premieres 10:30pm Wednesday February 18 on ABC2.


  1. joanne bamford

    i am joanne bamford, mother of cieran bamford from the programme ‘my teen’s a nightmare’.
    It has been a few years since we filmed that rather badly edited programme, and i would also like to point out that, sarah is no expert, just your average ex police woman, she has no training in child behavioural issues.
    they spent two days camping with my son, during that time, they not only took him to a pub, but they also bought him cigerattes. They then returned two weeks later to film some happy home, whereas infact he had to be bribed into looking happy and us all been a happy family with no issues.
    well cieran is now 18, and even with the help and support from anyone who would listen, he still is on the wrong side of the law.
    so don’t always believe what you see on these so called real life documentarys.
    And just for those that are wondering, no we weren’t paid to appear in the programme, i aplied to be on the programme as yet another way to try and help our situation, which unfortunately it did not, and i still have to see my child destroying himself and his future.

  2. Hello David,

    “Even the ABC is getting in on the act ….”

    Look, I’m all in favour of getting people watching the ABC, but you have a better memory than this. ‘Brat Camp’ (and its variants) ring any bells ? The ABC were (as is so often the case) in on the act at least 18 months ago.

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