Airdate: Scrapheap Challenge: The Scrappy Races

scrappyIf you’ve never seen it, it’s one of ABC2’s cult shows.

Scrapheap Challenge, which is airing once more at 6:35pm Mondays on ABC2, will also have a variation with its “Scrappy Race” edition next month. It heads out onto the open road as five teams go head-to-head to build the ultimate all-round vehicle, for a race throughout the UK.

Five teams of amateur engineers have just five weeks and only £1500 to build five ‘awe-inspiring all-terrain roadsters from scratch.’ They will then drive them across the countryside through country lanes, leafy suburbs and inner cities.

They will even wind up at Loch Lomond in Scotland where, Top Gear-like, they must transform their creations into amazing amphibious vehicles for a grand aquatic finale on the deep and chilly waters of the Loch.

Sounds like the subtitle is also a homage to that cartoon favourite, The Wacky Races (go Penelope Pitstop!).

It screens from Tuesday March 3rd on ABC2.


  1. I was waiting for this one.

    David I just noticed going by the Foxtel online guide (and printed Austar one) there is no Scrapheap next Thursday on the How to Channel but there are 2 or 3 specials left to air, guess I’ll just have to wait a week for ABC2 to catch up.

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