Airdate: Tropfest

tropfestAdam Hills and Alan Brough will be fronting Movie Extra’s live broadcast of the 2009 Tropfest this month.

It is the first time the event has screened live on television, featuring the films by all 16 finalists.

They will be assisted by Renee Brack and Alicia Malone on the red carpet, while Chandon Pictures‘ Rob Carlton will relate what it’s like to be a first-prize winner and remember the anticipation of waiting for the judges to deliberate.

The event will also include three directors who claim to have made “The Greatest Tropfest Film Ever” plus Festival Director and founder John Polson.

It airs live on Movie Extra 7:00pm on Sunday 22nd February for 4 hours.

It will repeat at 12:00pm, Saturday 28th February (3 hr version).


  1. Rock On Tropfest…. Topfest is a terrific event… while my films never got selected in the final 16 I have been shortlisted a number of times, and even that is just a thrill.

    Perhaps Average movie makers should just use YouTube for their Average films? As an Average filmmaker myself I certainly am no stranger to it.

  2. Although progress is good, Tropfest has blown out to be too over hyped and over produced than back in the early 90s.

    The average movie maker has no chance of getting their entry shown anymore.

  3. Awesome! Can’t wait to see the finalists…I know Rebel Wilson is in one called bargain which is very light-hearted. Will be better watching this on T.V. as I don’t know whether I could sit on a picnic rug for 4 hours!

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