Airdate: True Hollywood Story: Heath Ledger

The day before he'll win a posthumous Academy Award, TEN has a special on Heath Ledger.

heathlThe day before the Academy Awards, TEN has a special on Heath Ledger.

As we all know, Heath is a shoo-in to posthumously win the Best Supporting Actor for The Dark Knight. He’s already won a Golden Globe, SAG and BAFTA. Just engrave the thing now.

The TEN special will air at 10:40pm Sunday February 22nd, following Rove which starts at 9:30pm.

In this one-hour in-depth special, friends and co-stars reflect on the life and career of Heath Ledger. An inside look at the brief, yet unforgettable life and career of the talented and charismatic actor whose life was tragically cut short in 2008.

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  1. Why not have a special on Heath Ledger? Hes recognised as an Australian Superstar and was loved by everyone, and still is for that matter! Id love to see it, love to learn more about what he did and all.

  2. @ NeonKitty – I get what you are saying, but IMO Ledger Deserves the award and praise he got for his role in The Dark Knight, it was a truely incredible and unforgettable performance the IMO stayed with me well after the final credits of the film rolled.

    I don’t particuarly understand why you think its disrespectful to the other actors in the category – out of those nominated Ledger stands out through and through and would’ve done so dead or alive.

  3. I wish Ten would pick up the whole series of True Hollywood Stories – some of them are really good docomentaries and fascinating to watch – esp some of the ones about old TV shows – E! had a 2 hr THS on Friends a couple of weeks back, they covered every possible detail and even threw up a few stories that I’d never heard of.

  4. I have been a big fan of Ledger’s acting for years, since I first saw him in Two Hands.

    However, all this pathetic token-awarding would have disgusted and embarrassed him.

    It’s incredibly disrespectful to the other actors in the categories, to the profession, and, yes, to Ledger himself.

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