Airdate: Zigby

zigbyABC TV has co-produced a brand new 3D animated series for pre-schoolers with Avrill Stark Entertainment.

Based on the popular books by Brian Paterson, Zigby is “the Zebra who trots into trouble”.

Zigby lives in a tree house on the fringes of the jungle. Along with his friends McMeer the Meerkat, and Birtie Bird (an African Fowl), Zigby embarks on adventures.

Zigby is also joined by his younger cousin Zara, Laurence the lion, the mischievous monkeys – Wink,Tink and Stink, El the elephant, Vicky the vain flamingo, Celeen the hippo and Clem, who is a chameleon who can fade in and out of view whenever it suits him.

According to the synopsis, “Zigby comes up with an off-beat idea that he just has to follow through. Zigby‘s enthusiasm always rubs off on his two best friends, McMeer and Bertie. These two always end up joining Zigby‘s escapades, which usually means triple the trouble.”

The show starts Wednesday March 25 weekdays at 8am on ABC1 and repeats at 10.50am on ABC2.


  1. Does anyone know why ABC have dropped the ABCKids watermark? Now whenever I watch ABCkids, the usual ABC1 or ABC2 logo is in the corner? Is this because of the new kids-only channel or something?

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