Axed: Fresh

pevansNine’s morning cooking show Fresh has been axed.

Previously known as Fresh Cooking with the Australian Women’s Weekly, the show hosted by Pete Evans has been unable to secure a sponsor.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the cheapest option for Nine is to extend the two-hour Mornings With Kerri-Anne to 11.30am each day, with the morning news pushed into Fresh’s slot.

“We’re a very flexible program and we normally have more ideas than we have time to fit them in,” Kerrie-Anne Kennerley told the newspaper.

She points out the show already has cooking segments with Lyndey Milan and Mike Moore, or the show could open up to extra forums.

“There are so many areas for discussion and maybe we can put some more meat on those forums with big panels discussing them.”

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. What a shame to lose such a fantastic show like Fresh!
    From a food lovers perspective, it was the most educational, inspirational show on channel 9.
    Please, you must bring it back!!

  2. Now is the time to bring back Fresh – so many people are now cooking at home because of another particular cooking show on another channel (I think you know which one). It does not make sense to me for 9 to have axed this show.. you clearly have the money to put on shows like “This Afternoon” which I’m sure is not doing as well as what Fresh did for the channel!


    Can everyone get on board and harass channel 7 to put Mercurios Menu on at that time slot. I did, but I think if we all did it we would get noticed. That is a great show and we could give channel 9 the flick for ignoring the wishes of it’s viewers!!!

  4. I was really upset when I realised Fresh had been taken off the air. I have been a stay at home mum now for nearly two years and have watched the program religiously every day. I truely miss this show, it was fabulous and I was forever on the website checking out new cooking ideas. Please reconsider this decision!

  5. Once again, stupid majority of daytime zombies dictates the TV programming. Bye Pete, love your work, same for the other couple of chefs.

    *changes channel*


    This is bloody ridiculous!! I have been enjoying this show from day 1 and then they pull it without any explanation to it’s loyal watchers. What is going on there!! Why don’t you pull the Footy Show !!! We’ve all had enough of that!!!! I’m so p***ed of with channel 9.

  7. I agree with Lisa. Bring back Geoff Jansz, he was the only chef worth watching. Informative, entertaining and cute – a good all round package. I’d certainly tune in again if he came back.

  8. Bring back Fresh with Geoff Jansz, he was the best! Cute to boot but fun and informative too. There was always a mix of easy recipes and dinner party ideas, to more sophisticated fare. Geoff was also comfortable in front of the camera, it was easy to feel that he was talking directly to you.
    What the heck are you waiting for channel 9?

  9. Oh my god!

    I use the TV Fresh website all the time to look up recipes…. and just loved the show! I can’t believe we have to put up with crap that is slapped on TV, then for once they find a program which is a pleasure to watch and what….. they axe it because of a sponser…..? What a load of ……
    Get real Channel 9!

  10. Im sorry but I cannot stand the new show alive and cooking. The cook is an abosute idiot so much so that I have to turn the television to another channel or off altogether. I really enjoyed Fresh and would jump onto the website for recipes done on the show. This new show offers recipes that really do not look appealing let alone anyone wanting to cook them. Bring back Fresh or try another cooking show. anything but Alive and cooking.

  11. called station all they said was Win has bought channel nine so no fresh so why cant we get repeats that will give me my daily fix . Thanks fresh was the best cooking show they travelled to different places taking viewers to different destinations .

  12. Jane & Her Family

    Bring Back Fresh TV !!!
    I miss Pete Evans, please bring him back!
    I watched the show religiously for excellent evening meal ideas which were truly delicious & so easy to follow!

  13. With the resurgence of all things hand crafted,from sewing to cooking and running a business,now more than ever viewers need cookery skills and household tips that make staying home a pleasure that the whole family look forward to.A very sad day when Fresh was axed and no warning of its demise. Why do we need top chefs presenting the show.Give me a go.I could be the Aussie version of Martha Stewart!!! Your viewers are not only mums, but dads,sea changers and thousands of home business owners.Never underestimate your audience. Maybe it’s time for a change of format and name. Kerri-Anne is a classy entertainer and should be left at 9am.The British show Great Food Live was a knock out and the presenter couln’t cook!

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