Axed: Kyle XY

Kyle XY has been cancelled by ABC Family Network, with no guarantee of a story resolution. But Greek is renewed.

kyle-xyEntertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello reports that the boy with no belly button, Kyle XY, is to conclude.

Kyle XY‘s current 10-episode third season — which debuted on Jan. 12 — will be its last. I’m guessing the show’s dwindling viewership was to blame,” he writes.

But because the series finale was shot well before the cancellation news, it seems unlikely that all of the show’s ongoing storylines will be resolved when the last episode airs. Will fans get the answers they’re looking for or will they be left hanging forever?

Ausiello also reports that Greek has been approved for a 20-episode third season.

In Australia FOX8 is currently screening the second series of Kyle XY on Wednesday nights.

Source: EW.com, tvseriesfinale.com

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  1. I love Kyle XY, I have all 3 seasons on DVD there really should be a 4th… the way season 3 finishes is so heartbreaking… There has to be more, please put Kyle XY back on

  2. OMG i just finsihed watching season 3 and they left it on a cliff hanger!!! It was so annoying (love the show) but if your going to axe the show, leave it on a better cliiff hanger, no a cliff hanger that you would wasch next epsiode or season!!! (Produces please put it back on …or at least make a movie to end it!!!)

  3. Whats the song in the ad?
    Where it shows the time for the episode


    [Picture of Kyle & Jessi]
    Kyle XY

    It’s like a rock-like song, no vocals, and only a short bit of it is played (like 5seconds)

    Thank You

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